I still fantasize about my HR Manager

To one of my favorite corporate professionals.  You are one beautiful woman.  We met back in the late 80's and worked together for many years.

You always dressed with great style, neatness, and class.  On top of that, you had one incredible ass, that had a perfect heart-shape and it pressed tightly against the skirts and suits you wore to work.  Your suits were always a quality cut jacket or top with a matching skirt.  (Not pants.....not in those days anyway., lol  You would have looked great in either.)

You also had the most beautiful legs and they were indeed silky smooth, which I could see through your sheer hose that you religiously wore along with your matching business pumps.

Whether it was a turtleneck sweater or a silky blouse, you were always dressed to the hilt.  In those days, you were a brunette with tight, curly permed locks, that were layered perfectly around your beautiful face, and epitomized the stylish big hair of that era!  Loved it!   You were around 25-27 years old at the time.

Oh the thoughts that ran through my head when I went to lunch with you and a lady friend of yours who had your build, just a little taller, but had even bigger blonde hair.  (among other things, lol)   As I recall she was about 6 years your senior but looked like a beauty queen.  In fact, when I looked across the table at both of you, I saw two beauty queens.

I always wondered, what do they do in their spare time for fun?   Oh my mind definitely wandered! 

Even on the days when we would occasionally work on Saturdays, your hair was perfect, and had the tightest high-waisted jeans that accentuated your fine butt, along with a stylish blouse that accented the rest of your gorgeous figure.  To top it off you then had high heel boots that converted your height from 5-3 to 5-7.

Another moment I recall like yesterday, you had this striking red dress that went so well with your color scheme, and every now and then, one of your smooth legs would edge it's way out of the dress' side slit opening, while you would sit at your desk.

Last but not least, I'll never forget a meeting all the staff attended in the conference room where you were one of the speakers.  You had on a multi-colored blouse and the tightest wool skirt that highlighted your tiny waist, curvy hips, and, again, your perfect hear-shaped ass.  I noticed all the men folk smiling each time you would turn and write on the board.  We tried to be professional and acted like it didn't affect us, but, hey, we were human!  :)

Nevertheless, there is much more I can say, but I'll wrap it up for now.  Not only are you a gorgeous lady, but you're also one of the nicest I have ever known.  I'm sure you still as sexy as ever!!

1.1 years ago

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