First time

The first time I watched my wife fuck another guy, we were on vacation. We were on the back deck of our cabin rental in the hot tub when the neighbor guy who owned the cabin came over to reset the breaker. He was standing there afterwards and I offered him a beer for fixing it. Then my wife said he should join us. We were all laughing and having a good time when the subject turned to sex. My wife and I had already been discussing my fantasy of watching her, but hadn't taken the plunge yet. I offered her to fuck him, and she questioned me if I was sure. I said yes. She told me there was no coming back. I said I know. We looked at him and he smiled saying hell yes he was in. My wife then stood up and removed her bikini. Meanwhile he slipped his shorts off while still seated in the water. My wife sat down next to him and got the biggest smile. She looked at me and said again, are you sure you want this? Because he is big, bigger than you.
I nodded and said that was good. I wouldn't like it if she didn't enjoy herself. She told him that maybe he should sit on the edge, and when he stood up I could see how big he was. She was right, he was much bigger than me. I watched as she continued to handle his dick. Then I watched as she sat on the edge spreading her legs for him. She asked me one last time if I sure, right before he pushed his big dick in her pussy. He ended up spending the night with us. I'm not sure how many times they had sex because I decided to go to bed. They stayed up talking. Not long after I laid down, I could her the unmistakable sounds of sex. So I got up and he had her bent over the couch fuckin her. I went back to bed, woke up a little while later and she was in the bed. I went back to sleep and woke up a little while later and she was gone. I got up to see where she was and found her in the other bedroom riding him. Afterwards, she came to bed with me again, but when I woke up right before dawn, she was gone again. I went looking and found her that time back in the hot tube with her bent over the side and him fucking her yet again. Then I went to get breakfast and when I got back, they were fucking again on the couch. I asked them of they were ever going to stop fucking, but they both just laughed and kept going. Then to top it off, when we got ready to leave, I was loading the car and she was still inside with him. When I walked in to see what they were doing, I found then again in the bedroom with him between her legs fucking. She has asked if we can go back to his cabin, but we never did. She has a bull now that she works with. She spends the night with him whenever the mood strikes.

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    • That is loads of fun. Now let her find you a hot busty blonde so you can fuck her all night too. It's only fair when you live this type of life

    • I’ve watched my boyfriend fuck another woman.

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