Our Friends

When you get older you think about things that you did with your husband to keep him happy and loving. We were married a while and had a relationship with his co worker and the co worker's wife. I hate to say this but it was good times for me and my husband. It was our golden years of being sexually naughty. I guess we all wanted to be sexually enticed a bit.
We planned a weekend at the beach. My husband talked me into and convinced me to help him convince our friends into trying some swinging fun at the motel. I have big saggy breasts and he wanted to see them used by his co worker while his co worker wife tugged and gave my husband a blow job and rubbed his cock across her face as he expelled his cum all over her face while wearing her glasses.
I bought a bikini one size too small to wear while on the beach making my tits wanting to come out. Our friend's wife had a bikini bottom that barely covered her wide thighs.
We went to the motel room and woofed down the drinks we brought along to prepare us for the sexual play that we had planned. The drinks was to eased any tension we had. Lois undid my top and told her husband to poke them while my husband watches as I surrounded his dick with my tits. Tom told his wife to rub her face across my husband's uncut cock while my husband watches Tom's mushroom headed cock getting a tit job from me. The guys shot cum at the same time, leaving a cum mess on us gals.
Lois and I showered together. Then Tom and my husband showered together. We got on the two beds that was in the room with the other husband and partied. Lois and Tom was our best friend's back then. I enjoyed seeing my husband's head wrapped with Lois's legs around it and my husband enjoyed seeing Tom's dick wrapped with my tits.

1.1 years ago

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