Curious and Drunk

Hey everyone out there in confession land!
I'm Andy a straight guy living with a Uber gay femboi cousin.
It was a hot July day and me and my cousin Kevin were at the house drinking a little and smoking a little bit of herb. We have always been there for one another since childhood.
I am close to my 40's and Kevin is around 50ish, it was a typical let's get drunk summer day and we were outside playing Cornhole ( lol not that one) it was close to 100° that day, I was getting a good buzz when I decided to go jump in the pool, I took off my shirt and my shorts and jumped in the pool with only my boxers.
It felt so nice the cold water, I yelled to Kevin" take it off and come and join me"
Kevin well he was a little more than buzzed looks at me and runs inside the house, around 15 minutes later he walks out of the house and straight to the pool in a robe, with a getting drunk look in his face" turn around and close your eyes" with a bottle of champagne in his hand, so I did as he said,"Splash" and I feel his arms wrap around my neck.his hands covering my eyes.
Kevin says turn around and in the count of 3 open your eyes.
I did and as I opened my eyes, Kevin was standing in front of me wearing a 2 piece bikini, not just any bikini but he was wearing a crotchless micro bikini and I'm not going to bullshit you all! He looked really hot and sexy.
My cock became instantly hard and popped out my boxers and straight between his legs!
I have always wondered about this day and when was it going to be that day and what the fuck was I actually going to do? Kevin felt my meat between his legs," mmmmmm what's up with you besides the thing between my legs as he giggled.
I was embarrassed and beet red, Kevin opened his legs and pulled towards me and closed his legs with my hard meat between his legs right against his smooth bald nuts. It felt good and I didn't know what to do next, so I wrapped my arms around him " ok I really don't know what to do but it feels really good" he leaned in and started to kiss my neck and cheek as he rubbed his hands all over.
I was trembling with arousal as I moved my hands down to his ass, I kissed his neck and worked my fingers between his ass cheeks feeling his butthole i gently felt his hole as I put it in his ass, he lifted his head up and moaned " mmmm papi put it in! Put more than one" sucking on my neck leaving a hickey.
Kevin wrapped his legs around me as I fingered his ass as we walked out of the pool.
We laid down on the grass me on top as if we were in a missionary position, I pulled off his bikini top and sucked and licked his nipples and kisses down his hot shaking body. I could feel his hard cock against my balls I ripped off his bikini bottom running my hands over his smooth shaved bald cock and ball's.
Kevin trembling with ecstasy moaning whisper in my ear" Give me that hard meat that I have been longing for" as I spread his legs open I got between his legs and licked his ass until my tongue was in his ass mmm how sweet the taste my tongue going into his juicy hole I pushed it in farther and farther I could taste his watm ass juice as I sucked his hole tasting him.
I gave his hard throbbing meat some kisses and licks and put his meat down my throat" (first time I had a cock in my mouth) it tasted devine warm precum on my tongue and lips I kissed his body back to his mouth as I put my meat between his ass and slowly pushed it in and pulled out and in and out until I was all 8 inches in his ass thrusting harder and harder each time.
I was having my first time gay sex experience and I was loving it!!! Kevin's moaning and whimpers scratching my back we passionately made love.

1 month ago

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    • It's hilarious that you would still call yourself "straight". You are gay as pink feces !

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