Weekend with my 2 sisters

My parents went away on vacation for a 4 day weekend. My 2 older sisters watched me when they were away. As soon as my parents went away my sisters had their friends over. I stayed in my room. A few hours later their friends left. I was in my room and I thought my door was locked. I was looking at a hustler mag and was masturbating in my bed. My oldest sister opened my door and caught me in the act. She laughed at me and immediately went to tell my other sister and they both came back to make fun of me. My oldest sister who caught me told my other sister that I was jerking off really hard and told her I had a pretty big one for a little perv as she put it. My other sister laughing at me said she wanted to see how big it was. I didn't want to do that but they said if I didn't show her they were going to tell my parents what I was doing and that I have a dirty magazine. So I stood up and pulled my pants down but it was not hard anymore. My oldest sister told me to get it hard so my other sister could see it. I was just so embarrassed and I told them I was not going to do that in front of them. They both said if I didn't do it they would tell one and I didn't want to get in trouble. They told me they were going to come back in a few minutes and if I didn't get it hard to show her I'd be in trouble as soon as my parents came home. So I tried to get it hard and it was not easy cause I was just so embarrassed that my sister caught me in the act. They came back and as soon as she saw it she said wow. I immediately stopped doing it and tried to pull up my pants but they told me they wanted me to keep jerking off so they can see it really hard like it was before my sister caught me. I said no and they told me they were just going to tell on me. We argued for a minute or so and my middle sister grabbed the magazine and told me to do it or she was going to tell my parents and even my friends when they come over. So I pulled my pants off and she held up the magazine for me to see it but I just couldn't get excited at all. So my oldest sister asked why it wasn't working and I told them I was not able to think about it cause they were watching. So my oldest sister whispered to my other sister and told me that they will show me their boobs if it was going to help. As soon as I saw their nipples I got really excited to see them. Both of them called me a pervert for getting so excited to see their boobs. They told me to play with it to show them and I did. My sister's kept whispering to each other. The younger of the two said that I really have a long one and asked me if they could feel how hard it was. They both said that they would forget about everything if they could just feel it once. So I agreed. The moment my oldest sister touched it I was just so excited. And then my other sister also touched it. They were both feeling it and it really felt so good. So I asked them if I could see their pussys because they both saw mine. My one sister said she would just show me it for a second and my oldest sister didn't answer me. I asked her again and she just wispered one more time to the other one. They both told me to wait a few minutes and they will come back and show me. But they told me that I can't put my pants on until they come back. I didn't know what they were doing but I was excited to get to see two girls pussys in real life. I was still hard and kept rubbing my dick in excitement of what I was about to see. They came back to my room with their night gowns on. So they sat on my bed and lifted up their legs and saw they had no panties. My dick was so hard and I was so excited to see a real pussy close up. Then my one sister told me that she had a deal for me only if I promise that I will keep a secret forever. So I said ok. My other sister asked if I was sure I won't tell anyone. I said I promise again and then they told me the whole time my parents were not home that we could all play around with each other and try things. I asked them does it mean I can touch them and they both said that we can do anything with each other even put it inside them both as long as our parents never found out about anything. I was so hard and my dick was pulsing. I asked if I was going to be able to do anything with them anytime and they told me to do anything I want as long as they can do the same thing to me. I was super excited about it and then my sister told me to lay back down so she can teach my other sister how to suck on it. They both did it back and forth. They told me they were not virgins but mine was bigger than anything else they saw. My oldest sister is 4years Older than me and my other sister is a year and months younger than her. My oldest sister asked me if she could feel how I felt inside of her. So she got on top of me and worked it inside her. It felt so good. We all never did it before without a condom on so we loved it. Then my other sister got on top of me and her pussy was alot tighter. She went up and down a few times and I just blew my load all inside of her. She said that she loved how it felt so warm and wet. And she told my oldest to let me do it to her next. My oldest sister bent over and said to do it to her now. I started to do it with her but I wanted to see if they could do what I saw in the magazine I had. They looked at the picture and while I was fucking her she was touching my other sisters pussy I told her to taste it and as soon as she licked it I started to come hard. My sister came for the first time in her life. She loved it and said that I should always do that too them. Over the next few days we never got dressed and we all tried everything in the magazine. I licked them and they licked each other. They liked how my cum tasted so they didn't have any problem licking it off each other's pussy or my dick. That summer. My parents went out alot because we were getting along so well they trusted us. The whole summer vacation we all hung out with each other and would find ways to be alone together. When we were about to go back to school my sister's told me that they didn't have their periods the whole summer. They got the tests and they both came back as pregnant. They both were able to get abortions cause my aunt took them without telling our parents. After that they were on birth control so we could still do it without a condom cause they both loved to feel me cum in them. Over the years we slowed down how much we do it. But anytime we get together we at least do it once. Lol. Its been 15 years since that day. My oldest sister is married now and my other sister has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. Any time we are alone one of us will say let's do it and we have fun with it. My oldest sister asked me to fuck her in her wedding day before she got married. She had my cum in her when she said " I do" and then I did it when she was in the reception changing into her other dress. She likes to let me put it in her when I am over her house if her husband is in the shower. We are all going to keep doing it for as long as we live behind everyone's back. We all are best friends and we have so much fun together. I'm glad I got caught.

11 months ago

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    • Lucky, lucky man.

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