I confessed

I left the house early a few days ago. Didn't say why to my husband. I woke up horny and his little pecker just doesn't cut it most of the time. I texted my fuck buddy to see if he was awake. He appreciates my directness. I'm not interested in a relationship with him. I just want his cock inside me.

We met at my last job. I was a bartender on the weekends just for some quick cash. He came in on the weekends. Tried to hit on me quite often but then again lots of guys hit on female bartenders. After a few weeks of him hitting on me I said, "I'm married sweetie. Only two things would make me cheat on him." He said, "What are they?" I said, "Either a guy with more money who can take care of me or a guy with a big dick and knows how to use it." He said, "Well, how big is your husband?" I held out my fingers about 4-5 inches apart." He said, "Oh yeah. No problem there." I said, "Every guy says that. None of them willing to back up their claim until we're both naked." He said, "What time do you get off?" I said, "Usually in 15 minutes for the first time." He said, "Love the way you think. I meant off work though." I told him what time I would be done. He waited for me.

I was headed out and he was right next to me. I park in the very back to keep ppl from dinging my doors. I stopped and said, "Ok. So time to show me what you got." He unzipped and pulled out quite a nice one. If I were to guess probably 8 inches soft. I said, "Does he get any bigger when he's happy?" He said, "I dunno. Only one way to find out." So i grabbed it and started stroking. He quickly started getting hard. I dropped to my knees and started sucking it. You know, to finish getting him hard ^_^. I sucked him for a few minutes then looked and said, "Yep. Very nice indeed." He said, "Well?" I said, "Well what?" and continued to suck his dick. While i'm sucking him he said, "So, you are married?" I said, "Yep." He said, "Not to complain, but then why are you servicing me? Why not your husband?" I said, "Well, one, I like to suck dick. Two, my husband is hung like a 6th grader." He said, "What do you think he's doing right now?" I said, "It's his day off. He's either parked in front of the tv or he's at the neighbor's house getting fucked in the ass." He said, "Your husband is gay?" I said, "Not gay. Bi. In the closet. Although I thought he was gay back when we first got together but he told me he wasn't. I caught him getting fucked by the neighbor about 6 months ago. Walked in and saw it happening. Wasn't pissed." So long story short, I went back to his place and fucked him. Lord it was amazing. He texts me wanting sex, I drop what i'm doing and fuck him. We are up to 3 times a week now. When I got home, husband asked what I was up to. I told him, "I went home with one of the regulars from the bar and he fucked me till my legs were weak." He said, "Hardy har har. You are a riot." Little cocked faggot didn't even believe me.

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  • Was pretty much like my situation a couple years after getting married,was so bored of being married. Met a nice guy at my job who I was so attracted to but didnt wanna make a move as was married. Waited a month before I was leaving that job then made a move on him.We were at work alone late one night and got flirting and the topic of sex came up so I just straight asked him if he had a condom but he said no.But I thought fuck it and gave him a blowjob anyway.A week later we were alone again and he had a condom so my knickers were off and I was sitting on a desk with my legs wide open.Poor guy lasted 8 minutes but I was horny as hell so sucked him clean and hard.He didnt have another condom but I was too horny to give a shit so pulled him into me and second time round he did a better job of fucking me.He lasted quite long enough to get me off twice before shooting a fresh load in me.

  • Grow a pair yourself cunt and divorce your husband.

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