Mom is confusing me...

I'm 16 years old and my Mom is doing stuff that is really confusing me. My Dad died about a year ago leaving us deeply in debt and broke. We lost our house and moved into a tiny apartment in town. Living together in very close quarters is becoming difficult as my Mom is doing stuff that is confusing me

One Sunday morning I was sleeping on the couch and when I woke up , my Mom was fixing breakfast. As I watched her in the kitchen, I noticed that the sunlight streaming thru the window made her gown like almost see-thru. As she stood there by the stove, I could clearly see the outline of her body, the curve of her boobs and ass clearly stood out.

I lay there taking in the view and my hand slipped under the sheet and I felt my cock getting hard. Mom called me to breakfast, but I just laid there. After a few minutes she walked over , warned me that my breakfast was getting cold and yanked the friggin' sheet off me. I tried to turn over, but I know she saw my boner poking out of my jockey shorts.

I lay there for a minute and then she told me to come and eat. As I walked to the table, my cock was still like half hard. When she leaned over to put my plate in front of me, her gown fell open and I saw a lot of cleavage. She saw me looking but just smiled at me. After this, I just sat here eating quietly, trying not to make eye contact.

Now I had never looked at my Mom in a sexual way, I was just her boy and she just my Mom.. But She had started to dress like very casual around the apartment. Light thin PJs or big loose tank tops and never wearing a bra. Mom was also really starting to drink whiskey a lot more than when Dad was alive.

More than once we've been like just goofing around on the sofa while watching TV and wound up play wrestling in the floor. Last time it happened she had me flat on my back, she was sitting on me with my arms held down over my head. She was leaning forward, trying to smother me with her boobs.

Several times on really hot nights when she showers, she cracks the bathroom door a few inches saying she has to let the steam out. It was kinda like an invitation to peep at her and I friggin do. I watch her standing there drying off completely naked.

The whole thing is driving me friggin crazy with fantasies of my mom and I masturbate a lot. I just don't know if I should tell her how I feel about her, or just let things kinda happen

1.1 years ago

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    • I remember when I was like 15 and I stayed at my divorced Aunt's one summer for 2 weeks and right from the first night there she started grooming me for sex. From the 5th day on, we we fucking away. " I got some in the bedroom, I got some in the hall, I got some on my finger and I rubbed it on the wall"....

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