With a little help from my Friend....

When I was 12, I was hanging around the house on Christmas break when an old bubby of mine showed up. Wayne had been a real good buddy during elementary school, but had moved across town before entering Jr. High
We hung out around my neighborhood and he invited me over to his house. I called my Mom and got the OK and we hopped a bus across town.

Later that night when his parents were out shopping we went upstairs and piled up in his bed in our underwear watching a movie. Wayne went over and pulled a box of nudie magazines out of the closet and said " Check these out".

As we went through the magazines checking out all the tits and ass Wayne asked me if I Jerked off. I told yeah, that I've been jerking off for a month or two. " Doesn't it feel great when you get that funny feeling and then shoot your load of cum" ? He asked. I was stunned, I told him that all I ever saw was a few drops ooze out. "I was the same way when I started" he told me.

He grabbed a bottle of lotion from the nightstand and said he'd show me how it's done. He slid his shorts off and was I surprised, Wayne was almost 13, and he was big, maybe 4 inches. He told me to stroke his cock and he would in turn stroke mine. I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it, he told me to slow down and don't squeeze it so tight.

After a few minutes, Wayne twitched and moaned loudly and shot 3-4 streams of cum straight up in the air about a foot ! "Now that's how it's done" he boasted . Now Wayne took my swelling cock in his hand and began to slowly stroke me, every time he slid his fingers around my cockhead I twitched and he laughed. In about 2 minutes I felt if happening, I moaned and just let go.

To my amazement, 2-3 spurts of my cum shot out, not anything like Wayne's but thrilling just the same. The next morning we did it again with the same wonderful results....

11 months ago

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    • One summer I (13-14) spent two weeks at my cousins house out in the country. They had an old barn where he had porn magazines. We would go in the barn and look at them and eventually we started jerking off together.

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