No idea of what to do

My wife has a sister, quite a bit overweight, a long ways from pretty, no idea how to wear her hair, dress or anything. As far as I know, at age 26 she has never been on a date although my wife told she had sex with a neighbor once way back in high school, but that was it.

My wife asked me to have sex with here, she apparently has almost no experience and has never had an orgasm with a partner.

I really don't want to, to be honest, there is nothing about that woman that excites me, my wife says since I get her off 100% of the time, maybe I could teach her sister about that part of life.

I have been trying to avoid the issue, but now her sister shows up 3-4 times a week, no bra, all sorts of hints and stuff, so she obviously knows the deal.

I have begged off sick, been nasty to her, nothing works, and I do not know what in the hell to do. I am beginning to think my wife is nuts.

What do i do, short of getting violent?

3 months ago

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    • Keep close tabs on your wife. She is feeling guilty about something, or, she wouldn't offer up her sister.
      Try setting the sis-in-law up with somebody. I still believe there is somebody out there for everybody. Hell, there's enough guys on here fucking their fists and even butternut squashes that may want to have a go at her.

    • Pound the crap out of her. Use her to fulfil all your fantasies that your wife won't. My wife wanted me to shag her ugly friend and I was hesitant but I did. Now she does all the things my wife won't and I have sex every day. Get on it

    • Use her as an anal slave, you will love it.

    • Enslave her with your cock. use it as leverage to make them win you more women. This is how harems grow.

    • Bang her brains out bareback. Make her do things your wife don't.

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