I miss being dominated by women

Married white male, 35 yo. I have a number of unexplored kinks and at this point, the thirst for being dominated is real.

I get SO hard when a woman forces me to homosexual things. I got a small cock so I couldn't pleasure a woman anyways. I'd be better off as a chastity belted or castrated sissy (all small penis white men should have this done to them). Make me grow breasts and get implants. Throw out all of my clothes and make me crossdressing 100% of the time, even though my linebacker shaped body makes me impassable.

I want my woman to openly cuckold me. Give me creampies to lick up, force me to put out for your bulls. Make me help raise their black babies you birth, i'll claim they're mine when asked.

Pimp me out. Force me to go from bi to gay while laughing and making fun of me for it. I really want to be slapped, punched, and spat on by a woman as she puts me through all of this. It's just not as fun without a woman dominating me along the way, getting off on abusing me every step of the way. Mark me as yours with watersports. Kidnap / convince me to be a slave in your basement.

Email me. Tell me what things you'd to a pervert like me, your fantasies. Make fun of me, insult me. Threaten to tell my wife and family, maybe blackmail me. Or do everything you can to ruin my life and publically shame me.

I'd love to have an online female friend equally perverted pressuring me to do things, but no real life interaction. Wear my resistance down until I do as you say and then email you back proof.


2 months ago

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