First time bathroom peeping

When I was 10, we had a basement in-law apartment that we rented out to my friend and his mom. he was 11 and she was 40. She got out of abusive relationship and they lost their house as the guy let taxes backup for years etc, and my single father was a long haul driver, so I was a latchkey kid.

we were friends for years from the neighborhood and of course shared porn we would find etc.

at the time, they did a remodel of the inlaw shower that was inop when they moved in, so they had to use ours.

we had an old school ventilation set up that was one register split for two rooms, with the one going to my room and straight across, separated only by a thin metal "flow control" sheet of metal was the one right in front of the toilet and sink. I don't remember how I figured it out, but I watched it more than TV when I did.

I first started watching his mom shortly after they moved in, by prepping the separator to allow viewing just before she'd get upstairs. the first time I saw an in person pussy and tits and it was a mere foot or so away. her face was out of view neckline and up, but everything else was crystal clear and within grabbing distance.

she wasn't "hot" or really that attractive drugs and rough life aged her a bit, but she was fit enough for jerking off too for a 10 year old with an advanced hyper sexualized drive.

if the shower curtain wasn't closed all the way, the back half was viable from my position. the first time I watched her put a leg up, facing away as her butt spread open with a (now known) surprisingly taut pussy, soap up and clean her asshole with her finger, all the way up her as she hummed and sang a bit, and wiping the mess[visible shit marks on her finger] on the washcloth before rinsing it clean. I came while grinding my hard cock into the floor, as that was how I always did it.

I'd watch her use the toilet of course too, as she would often pee and fart, occasionally shit before she showered, and i at the time wasn't into the pooping voyeurism I am now, would watch enthralled as I could watch her body go through the motions but I was appalled at the smells at the same time. it wouldn't be til a few months later I would visualize her grunting face(I could see when she sat on toilet) pooping as I would masturbate.

I never mentioned to my friend of my activities of course, and almost got caught several times, but they never knew.

one day about 3 months later we were watching a porn he got from another friend while his mom was out, after about 20 minutes she came home so we parted ways for a while. It was usually the time his mom would shower so when I heard a knock and the bathroom door close, I figured it was showtime, and got into position. well it was my friend, dressed with toiletries on the closed toilet seat, practicing lyrics and stances etc in front of the sink/mirror. he had his little radio with him. disappointed, I was about to leave, but then perverted curiosity got the best of me...lets see what happens.

he started slowly lowering his basketball shorts like he was entertaining a girlfriend, until his hard cock popped out, I was Intricately watching and had stopped grinding as i committed every detail to memory. he was almost identical to me length wise, but his head was more purple and not as cleanly defined from circumcision, but was thinner than mine.

he sits on the towel covered toilet seat and quietly mouths a girl from schools name and he's going to fuck her etc etc, while increasingly stroking faster as I right then for the first time, stop humping the floor and start stroking in rhythm with him, taking my shorts off completely, on my knees chest to ground, hand stroking without rhythm looking through the heating vent as my friend whom I never thought in any way sexually, starts shooting ropes of thick white cum into some toilet paper for what seemed like minutes, wiping off his even deeper purple head before completely getting naked and showering. he also spent time washing his ass with his finger, although he used two fingers and was stroking himself, I finally with determination, also came by stroking for the first time, but just all over the floor in my room by the vent.

he shortly after closed the curtain before finishing his activity, because water was getting all over the floor.

they lived there another 5 years before we got an offer for the house we couldn't turn down. they eventually fixed the basement bathroom up and stopped using ours, but not before I crafted some peepholes accessible from the crawlspace giving me a wide angled view from door to shower, and the precious toilet.

saw many, many girls in both. from grade school to high school. cousins and friends girlfriends. but never wanted to nor did I see other boys. he was the only one I got excited to watch, probably because I learned How to masturbate properly by watching him.

1.1 years ago

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