I got a city warning about my car so I

My friend told me somebody reported me because my car is under repair on my driveway and it's not in the garage and a quarter to city code you only have so many days to fix an operable vehicle so I got pissed off and I decided to f****** other people's car by doing stuff like slashing their tires I'm cutting their wires cutting their brake lines and I got this little electronic device that can shut down the new computer and wipe it the ECU on the vehicle and make it inoperable so I already tested it it works sends out an electrostatic pulse that will wipe the ECU and burn it up or fry it I'm not sure exactly what it does but it may have accidentally done that to my own vehicle though so I'm pissed about that too because I'm not sure how close you have to be and I was testing it in my bedroom to see if it would erase a cell phone but it may not work with cell phones because it's designed for automotive ECU drivetrain modules so I got to figure out who called on me but I took a paid gas and so I'm going to go ahead and disable the vehicle so everybody's going to have a disabled vehicle on my block. But I only took out kids and Hyundai's and Toyotas because those are gay cars Hondas and Acuras I didn't mess with because they're in the same league as well as Ford's and most American cars I did not mess with because America is number one but Honda and Acura our God damn good cars. The best part about it nobody knows they have no clue why their car won't start.

11 months ago

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    • A city warning ? What kind of pussy municipality do you live in ? If you ever got booted you'd have a shit hemmorage and implode.

    • If I had a shit hemorrhage you would be there to eat it. Stay in your single-wide shithole and STFU.

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