He came in my mouth

I had been showing some naughty pictures of my wife to guys online, and one of they guys that saw them ended up living in the next town. He suggested we meet in person so I could show him her pics without her face cropped out. The idea of watching a guy Jack off to her pics in front of me was something that interested me, as I liked it when guys sent me a couple pics of them cumming on pics of her. We decided to meet in a public park restroom with a door that locked in a town between us. I went in, and he came in shortly after. I showed him her pics and he started rubbing himself. He lowered his pants and underwear and started stroking his cock. It turned me on to see it, and he could see my cock growing apparently, because he reached out to touch it. I pushed my hips away from him, and ended up kind of a little off balance and leaning forward. He quickly put his hand on the back off my shoulder and pushed me down. I was ass on the floor right in front of him and he moved forward with his cock right in my face. I was trying to move my face away from it, but he kept moving it towards my mouth and pressing it against my lips. I was still kind of turned on but wasn’t sure if I was ready to suck another guy. He was begging me to please open my mouth and suck on it for just a second. After a minute, I finally decided I would try it by starting out licking it with my tongue. He ran his cock over my tongue and immediately started to cum in my open mouth. I didn’t realize it at first, but by the time I did, his cum was already in my mouth. I was simultaneously disgusted and aroused. I came in my pants when he was rubbing his cum across my face with his cock. I don’t know, but I think I want to try it again, but I’m really embarrassed I put myself in that situation.

11 months ago

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    • Eat his ass next time

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