My first time I sallowed his huge load

I have a friend who him and I get together just to have me give him oral sex. After a few months I started to really get into it and I started getting more bold and vocal with him. I would tell him how I wanted him to fuck my mouth just like he would be fucking a girl's pussy. I would lay on the bed with my head hanging over so my mouth would be aligned with his big rock hard dick head. I would tell him that I want to feel the head of your dick deep down inside the back of my throat. I told him how I wanted him to shoot his load straight down my throat and that I didn't want him to tell me when he's going to cum. Then I told him that I wanted him to shove his dick really deep inside of my mouth every time you start to shoot a load. He came ten times down my throat before he stopped. I was loving how his cum tasted like every time I sallowed it. I was sucking on the head of his dick every time he shot another blast down my throat. I have never before in my life felt that turned on before with a woman I had sex with. I knew right then and there that from now on I was going to be a little Sissy cocksucking faggot and that I'm okay with it. I have jerked off so many times thinking about his dick shooting ten big blast of his cum down my throat and I can't wait to do it again.

11 months ago

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    • Did you eat his ass too? I would have

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