Night Viewing

Scenes from a depraved 14 yr. old mind, many, many years ago. I was a rampant and voracious peeping tom. On any night, I might see...

The girl two doors down, bleach blonde, teacup tits with upturned nipples, a modest bush, light brown in color. Bathing, running her hands over her body, soaping up, rinsing off, drying off. Fine fart locker hung on her, too !

The lady two doors the other way, British, pretty, big tits, caramel nips, gigantic bush, prone to wearing cone-shaped bras, granny panties with built-in garters, and stockings with the seam up the back. Big, dimply ass, but definitely stroke-worthy.

The girls three doors up, a classmate, matching bra and bikini panties, that I prayed she would remove, revealing grapefruit sized tits with the puffy nipples, like titties with tits, a manicured dark bush, an ass like twin, pink watermelons. Man, I wanted a slice !

The church lady down the street, a pretty brunette who dressed dourly but looked like a Playboy model when nude. Pale body with brown nipples on ample tits, protruding ass, broad delta of dark brown pubes, scars on her belly. Made the sex moves on her husband, but, with the lights off, dammit !

The college age redheaded hippie chick up the street, hairy underarms, red bush, pale, and small breasts, strawberry nips, a flat white ass, she would masturbate in front of the mirror, her hand over her mouth. Fun to jerk off while watching her, seeing if we could cum together, separately.

Dumb luck and a criminal sixth sense regarding danger were the only things that kept me from getting caught. These days, I wouldn't stand a chance.

1.1 years ago

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    • Besides peeping and spying on my hot older sister while she took her shower, dried off, and powdered the bottom of her tits, and, after sex, douching herself out on the bathroom floor, I used to walk down the alley behind our house, go two yards down, and peek in on the younger, hot-bodied, often alone wife of a guy who worked on the road and wasn't home a lot. Their bathroom was on ground level and easy to see inside, I knew she took her shower at night and had her schedule down, and she had a habit of walking around her house either topless or naked just because she was home by herself.

      I helped her trim a tree one weekend, and was picking out spots to watch her from, including by her bedroom window. On any given day or night, I'd be viewing both she and my hot older sister's naked bodies, one after the other.

    • I peeped through a bathroom crack enough to see my 20 yo SIL having bath full nude. Firm tits erect nips and dense bush are still alive in my memory to masturbate with!!

    • I have peeped while my sister was bathing. During evenings she used

      to take bath. So I sneaks out of the house and climbs up to the

      small ventilation window of the bathroom from outside and have a

      good look of all her assets. She has small boobs but pointed and

      round with pink nipples. Her pussy was hairy and dark. From her

      removing dress to soaping massaging each part of her body playful

      with her tits and some time strongly washing her pussy and drying

      off was my jerking views. I used to jerk watching her bath and

      coming back to bed too I jerks off and sleeps to dream having good

      sex with my sister.

    • Seduce her.

    • I would wait for my milf Asian neighbor who worked at a bar to return at 2am-3am. I could see into her room from my bathroom window. One night I heard her husband fuck her. She was drunk and so turned on moaning. I would watch her change for work too. Such fun days as an 18 yr old. She would hang all her lingerie along the corridor: would wrap them around my cock and cum and return them. Loved that sexy foul mouth loud bitch

    • Been there, done that. When I was 13,a buddy of mine and I heard some older guys at the Boys Club talking about " birdwatching". As it turned out, that was the code word for Window Peeping. We became young Ninjas, sneaking through alleys and between houses /apts. After a while, we had a number of places where we could get an eyeful. Sometimes we had to run like hell, better never got caught.

    • Why did you give this fetish up? What happened??

    • I got old. I can't run as fast, and lost most of my drive. However, I do watch shower voyeur porn in the comfort of my own embaressment.

    • Couldn't anyone in your neighborhood afford curtains or blinds?

    • Those are the ones you just pass on by !...LOL.

    • That is one advantage of being old. When I was young not many people had AC so in the summer they left all there windows open and curtains pulled back to let any possible breeze come through. As a young boy I loved the summer months.

    • Remember when folks would have those box fans that fit in a window. When it was running on a hot night, it guaranteed the curtains would open up. I helped my aunt who lived down the block, install one she bought at Sears.

    • They did, and could. The 3 P's of peeping : Patience, Persevering, and Praying the curtains, or blinds parted enough to be able to see.

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