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To all or any women!!! I ain't spending money on ur onlyFans!!! What makes u soo special that I shouldn't watch free porn over u!! Exactly..Nothing! U all r just some low self esteem whores and think u should be paid for showing ur yeast infected pussy and watch it get pound out because yall busted up wanna be pornstars! Yall just fat..out of shape..Alabama sweathogs! Incase I wasn't clear I ain't paying for ur ONLYFANS u ugly..fat..dirty women!! Atleast u serve ur purpose to this world! U please the man with ur holes! Thats all u r an object! Peace! Im going on Pornhub now!

1 year ago

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    • Internet sex workers are a product of progressive idiocy. The same prog idiocy that thinks it's okay to confuse impressionable 5 year olds about the connection between sex and gender. These prog scum prey upon these dopey women by making them believe that it's just fine to be and unskilled, uneducated, useless, societal non-producer. Just show off your tits and your hooha for a living and everything will be just fine. Everything except your self-esteem, your mental health, your social standing and chances for a healthy lasting relationship. That shit you just threw out the window, you dumb cunt.

    • You molest pre-teen boys so you must be one of them.Fucking your mom’s corpse repeatedly doesn’t help your case either, Fucktard!

    • The super fat ones are fun to watch.... They are hysterical as they try to pass themselves off as desirable and sexy.... With the exception of the cucks, simps and losers who drool over them, no self-respecting man would touch their gross bodies... You can tell a mile away that they have absolutely no self esteem. And how could anyone when they look like Jabba the Slut? If they had an ounce of self esteem or respect for themselves they would get off their gigantic lazy butts and hit the gym. I can only image what their families think of their chosen profession and lifestyle.

    • What does the rest of your family think of you for living in your mom’s single-wide all these years?
      They would be disgusted if they found out you have also been fucking her corpse.
      They probably already know that you prowl playgrounds for pre-teen boys.

      Face it Karen, you have no self-control, self-esteem, morals, common sense, intelligence, and brains.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Dumb sluts...the world needs them

    • One of my hot, gorgeous, exotic-looking female friends sends me tons of pics anyway, and had an onlyfans for a short time when she needed money. Anything naked that she'd post for her fans to pay for, I got for free anyway via text. She'd send me nudes, posed and unposed, wide smile, long hair, and ask if she looked good, would I pay to see them if I was a fan (and not someone who'd helped her and been there for her for years). I'd always tell her yes, and she'd send me more, sometimes crazier, nudes. Those guys paying for them were suckers. I got them allll for free.

    • Your friend is a pig.... Once her slutty career is over she will be on welfare.

    • Probably standing behind you in the help out line. Gutless shirkers are always in those lines.

    • You are the same dumb fuck that thinks free porn is as good as paid porn.
      Hey dumb ass There is an old saying that is as good today as it was then.
      YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Since you are all that and then some. Pull out that dust covered wallet and try a paid site for once you cheap fuck.

    • Only cuck losers pay for it. Keep paying these pigs so you can see their busted, used pussy. They are like stray dogs.. Feed them once and they keep hanging around because they know that you're a desparate loser.

    • Thats y yall stupid!! Keep paying for stupid shit! Haha porn is free! Yall giving money to women that r busted up! They r only good for sucking and fucking me!! These women contribute their holes to make their lives worth living..soo that's good enough for me!! Pass them up!

    • They don't want any cheap ass, abrasive fools following them anyway.

    • Horseshit they want anyone who will fork over the monthly fee to look at their smell snatch.... Obviously you're the kind of dumbass who thinks that when a stripper begs you for a lap dance, it means the skank likes you.

    • Now that your mom is dead who will you bend over for now to get monthly money to pay for your food, gas, and HIV cocktails?

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