Mooning obsession

I only have the courage to do this after a few drinks, but I get really turned on by baring my bum in public. It's easier to do if I'm wearing a skirt with a thong underneath, but I've also been known to take down my jeans and knickers when leaving pubs and clubs. I'm a 21 year old student and usually go out with a crowd of mates, male and female. I pass it off as a jokey bit of drunken fun, but I actually get very turned on by the thought of them all seeing my bare bum and get a considerable amount of pleasure later in bed. I'm reasonably attractive and I do have a nice bum. It's a standing joke amongst my friends now that I'll get my bum out when I'm drunk and I'm usually only too happy to oblige. Is this normal behaviour or should I be worried and try and rein it in a bit?

1 year ago

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    • My hot older sister had a thing for flashing her tits at random guys and even my friends. She knew, and everyone told her, how big and perfect they were (still are). Started when I went to a nascar race with her, and the guys all chanting "Tits! Tits!" and my getting her to flash them. They went crazy and wanted more, so I told her to flip her t-shirt all the way up or off, and really let them out. She did, and got hooked on both doing it, and my telling her to.

      We were at a large, outdoor flea market on a hot day, and guys were eyeing her up to begin with, as she wore short, daisy duke shorts and a sexy, cut tank top. The heat got worse and I told her she should air out, and flash her tits, and she told me to tell her when and to who, and she'd do it. I had her doing it all day. Then, during a weekend visit to my townhouse when my three guy friends were there, one of whom was very nervous around women, much less, one as sexy as her and who'd flash her amazing tits on command, she came out of the shower in her thin, mostly open anyway, robe. I nudged her arm and said that the nervous around women guy was looking at her, and she should "go over to him and let your robe fall to the floor". She laughed, saying it would give him a heart attack, but would do it IF he heard me tell her to. I did, he heard, and by the time he tried getting off the chair, she was in front of him, dropping her robe to the floor and dancing around him. I loved it.

    • Please come visit our local pub and I'll answer your question after you've shown us your bum.

    • Normal behavior is a myth.

    • So true. If it makes you feel good, just do it.

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