I kissed my sister confession

You can skip the first three paragraph if you just want to read the confession, the first three paragraphs are about me introducing myself and what is my confession about.

So, this is my first time posting something online, but i always wanted to do it, i always wanted to write about my fantasies and share it with people that like the same, also i would love to find someone that would like to role play with me this fantasies. So please let me know what you think about it so i can see if i should keep writing more or no.

This will be long story to read because my old teacher, which i fucked before many times and still want to fuck her again, always made me write every detail on my writing work, and i also really want to share everything about how i kissed my sister and also my biggest fantasy about my mother... also TO BE HONEST one of my fantasies, which I've being thinking about it for days is that... I REALLY WISH that my sister or mother find this confession and recognize the confession/story is about us and and we end up fucking. I only changed a few things but is because I'm nervous about writing this, but i know my sister and mother will recognize this confession if they read it.

This is a confession about my sister and a fantasy i have about my mother. To be honest I'm nervous because i know most people find incest repulsive and i also think the same but i also love it and think about it often. To make thing's clear here, i don't want to hurt my sister or mother, i love them. Everyone here is over 18, right now my sister is 20, my mom is 46 and I'm 25. Along the story i may confess other things, so remember if you want to know about that too please let me know know and I'll share it too.

First I'm going to tell you about my sister, she si very beautiful but really shy, she have beautiful green eyes, and a nice body, a little over weight but she is losing weight and is looking very nice, specially her ass, i can't stop looking at her ass. Sometimes i think i lover her .but not just as my sister but sometimes i think how i want to make her my girlfriend, start a relationship, to take care of her as my wife. Funny thing is that I'm more into older woman, and i have only been with girls older then 28, but she is the only girl that is younger than me that really attract me. Ok, so basically we have kissed two tmes. First time we kissed was a about 2 years ago, i was visiting my parents and they left for a few hours, so i was chilling in the sofa and i was kinda horny seeing her there with sleeping clothes, so started to ask her what type of guys she like and things like that, then i asked her how was her first kiss but she didn't answer at first, then after i asked again she told me she hasn't kiss anyone but only one person, me, she reminded me we kissed before as kids, i asked her if she liked it which her answer was she doesn't remember. I pulled her to sit on my laps, then i asked her if she wanted to feel how it feel to kiss, at first i thought she was going to freak out because i have her sitting on my Laps, but to my surprise she didn't move also her answer was a yes, i asked her if she wanted to try it with me and she said yes, then i took her to her room where i started to kiss her gently on the lips then i moved to her neck, i told her we can stop any time she wanted, to which she responded with a kiss, i knew she was getting horny so to lifted her shirt so i could suck her nipples, i was in heaven. After a few minutes of playing with her boobs i tried to touch her pussy but she stopped me, she told me she is not ready yet for that step, after a few more kissing and touching we decided to stop because our parents would be home soon. After that i went to sit at the dining table to wait, my sister came from behind me and hug me, also she was acting really sweet with me, after a few minutes i decided to leave, when i was at the door ahe told me i need to be patient with her, and to let's take baby steps, i was shocked that she wanted to still do it again but the next day i guess she felt guilty because she told me that it won't happen again because is taboo.

After that nothing happened between us for the next two years, i sometimes tried to talk about it when we are alone but she always avoided the conversation. Then she started to work in the family's business with me, we got closer at that time, but at some point we started to talk about sex and she even told me she bought a few dildos and sexy underwear, i got so hard just thinking about her playing with her pussy. One day when we were about to finish working we decided to drink a few beers and on the way to the warehouse we were talking about sex, when we got to the warehouse i asked her what's her favorite position or what she like the most, she said she like it when she get fuck in the ass, and since then i really want to fuck her ass, then i told her how much i like her ass and how i have fantasies about her. She was cool about it, didn't say anything, i asked her if i could touch her butt which she agreed, i was sitting down and she was standing in front of me, i pulled her towards me and hugged her with my hands on her round ass, then i started to kiss her neck but she stopped and told me that she would definitely let me fuck her if we weren't related.

After that day i started to think about her more often, but there was also another person in my mind that i wanted to fuck, my mom, she have such a nice ass too, i even dreamed about her. I had the chance to touch her ass once and i can't stop thinking about it. Anyway back with my sister, after that i even told her about one fantasy i had about her. One day at work, we were talking about life and sex, i don't know why but that day she was kinda upset and was telling me how ugly she is and other negative things, at first i started to encourage her and tell her what a great person she is but then i told her how i would do anything to take her out and make her my girlfriend, then i kissed her on the lips, after a few seconds she tried to kiss back but then stopped and pulled away. That was the last time we kissed. I think she does want to fuck with me but doesn't dare,

So that's my confession,

1 month ago

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    • More sick fake incest bull shit propaganda!

    • My sister sucked my dick on a drunken bet one night. We had a party that was breaking up for the night. She and I was left play beer pong. She was so drunk and being stupid, she said she would suck my dick if I made the next shot. I didn't think was going to make it, but that fucking ball went in the cup. You should of seen her face when I made the shot. I was going to decline because you know, she is my sister, but she pushed me back on the deck chair and started unzipping my pants. I never stopped her, and she pulled my dick out and started sucking me off. She swallowed most of my cum, but then spit the rest out. The next day she made me swear to never tell anyone what happened. And for the most part, I have kept the secret.

    • That's crazy man. There is no way I would let my sister suck my dick.

    • That is because your sister is dog fucking ugly.

    • I lived with my sister for about 2 years after I graduated highschool. She is a few years older than me and already had a place of her own. It was cold as fuck one night, and the snow was ass deep and blowing. The local law was telling everyone to stay home. She and I started watching TV, and next thing I knew, she come walking in the living room with a bottle of Jack. We started drinking and it wasn't long before we were both drunk. My sister is real talkative when she's drunk. So she's asking me all kinds of shit, and then she asks if I have ever seen her naked. Naturally I had, I mean we lived together at home, and now again. So I tell her I had. Then she asked if I liked what I saw. I shrugged my shoulders. Then she asked if I had ever jacked off thinking about her? I actually had, but figured I would tell her yes anyway, just to get her off the subject. I figured shock factor would shut her down. Nope, I was wrong. She got up and started stripping. She wanted me to strip so we could go mutual masturbation together. I was drunk and figured it wasn't actually sex, so why not. I sat in one chair while she sat in the opposite chair. I stroked my dick while she rubbed her pussy to finish. I guess it wasn't that bad of a night. And before anyone asks, no, she and I did not, and have not had intercourse. That was the only thing we ever did.

    • You guys should of fucked, i have always fucked my sister, hot

    • Sounds hot!

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