One step further

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We don't have an ordinary marriage. We are still head over heels in love with each other and we have a healthy sex life. We don't pretend that the other is the only person on earth that catches our eye. She knows that I have had sex with men in the past. She was in a lengthy lesbian relationship right up until I met her. She and I both consider ourselves bisexual. The weekend before we got married, we both decided we would have sex. No need to go to the wedding without "empty balls." I had sex with my best man. She had sex with a guy she works with.

One thing we enjoy is when we watch a tv show or movie or just out and about, if we see someone we find attractive, we mention it. She has had a thing for brad pitt. Always has. Her favorite movie of his is fight club. First time we watched it together when she saw him with no shirt she said, "Good lord he's hot. I wonder if he has a big dick." (I don't have a big dick). When it came to the scene where his counterpart opens the door and Brad is fucking the scank, she said, "Man, I'd love to be her. He could pound me all night." Then she looked at me and said, "If Brad was here, would you let me fuck him?" I said, "Of course, I would." She said, "Really?" I said, "Well, yeah. He's your celeb crush." She said, "No condom?" I said, "No condom." She said, "Good. I want to feel his cum all inside me." She's even masturbated to that movie.

So, a month ago we were at a company party of hers. We were drinking and eating and a colleague of hers waved as he walked by. She said, "That's Rick. He's pretty cute." I didn't respond. She said, "Do you think so?" I said, "I don't find men attractive." She said, "But you've had sex with men." I said, "That's different." She said, "How?" I said, "I don't look at him like I look at women. I get an urge and he's up for it and we just do it." She said, "Ok. Would you have sex with him?" I said, "I'd suck his dick. Let him bend me over and fuck me in the ass." She said, "I like the sound of that." I said, "Him fucking me in the ass?" She said, "Well, yeah. Id watch. But I meant I like the idea of him fucking me in the ass. Would you watch?" I said, "Yeah. Him laying on the bed. You riding his dick. Me in the chair jacking off." She said, "Hold that thought."

She got up. She walked to the bar where he was. She talked to him for a few minutes. She came back and said, "Ok. Let's go." I said, "Where are we going?" She said, "Home." I said, "Why? We haven't been here long." She said, "Cause Rick is going to fuck me in the ass while you watch and jack off."

1 month ago

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