Peeping Tom

I’m so pleased I’ve found this site, been wanting to tell someone but can’t really tell family or friends.
I’m 48 been married and divorced twice, things between my boyfriend are ok but nothing special especially when it comes to sex, we don’t live together and more often then not, when I’m in the mood he’s never about, when we do have sex it’s just never exciting enough for me.
I’ve been masturbating a lot the last two months and on one occasion I started playing with myself while watching tv I had not long had a shower and was in my bathrobe, I was really going for it, legs open, my head back eyes closed until I had my orgasm, I remember I was so out of breath, it was an amazing orgasm, felt just right.
As I laid comfortable getting my breath back I noticed a shadow at my window, I leapt up and run into another room, in that room the shadow was knocking on the window calling out my name, it was my boyfriend, I went mad, how long you been at the window I asked, long enough he said, I didn’t let him in and told him to go away.
For the rest of the evening I had mixed feelings, turned on someone was watching and disgusted someone was watching.
I didn’t sleep well that night, in the morning I kind of thought, actually that was a turn on, I sat back in the room this time pulling the blinds and acted out different positions, if someone was watching what would be a good view for them, doing this has given me a whole new sexual feeling, very exciting, tingling feeling all over my body and my wetness is on a different level.
After sorting things out with my boyfriend via text I asked him to look through the window again.
At the agreed time I turned my sofa facing the window, adjusted the blinds so you had to be up close to the window to see in, I felt nervous and excited, 10 minutes before the time I got myself comfortable and slowly started, I have my legs wide open so when he looks he gets a good view, I got fed up lifting my head to see if he was there so I rested my head back and continued, my head was telling me someone is watching so I kind of started showing off, really working hard on my pussy I looked up and saw a shadow and omg I went into meltdown, I wanted him to see everything, I couldn’t open my legs any wider, within 30 seconds if that knowing he was watching me through the blinds I was having an amazing orgasm, I could feel my wetness running out of me, my orgasm was so strong I had no energy left to continue, I just laid there with my legs still apart.
My phone pinged with the message “wow”
Now all my orgasm are done this way, I do still have sex with my boyfriend that’s more for his pleasure, I save myself for my little Peeping Tom!

1 month ago

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    • So what would happen if a neighbor saw the peeping Tom and called the police. Would you come to his defense or let him get arrested for it?

    • She would probably have a more intense orgasm

    • Next time do it in a hotel room where strangers can see. And make it appear like you don’t realize people see you.

    • Then get arrested for doing that!

    • Take this advice from a real voyeur, it's a LOT more fun, for us, if you don't know we are watching.

    • A lot safer too. If I see a peeping Tom, that's when I have an accidental gun discharge.

    • And wind up in an orange jumpsuit married to some guy called " Tyrone da Bone"...LOL.

    • Yeah, I bet you always do that ! It's called premature ejaculation.

    • I lucked at girl put dildo in bottom hole

    • Congratulations on finding the sex vibe that works for you.

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