Displaying my Wife to her step sons

Wife Stats:
Age: 51
Height: 5’5’’
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Athletic, firm round Butt, Tanned, Shaved from the neck down,
Measurements: Firm natural 36C 29 37
Breasts: firm with dollar sized brown areolas with eraser sized nipples.

One summer afternoon Kimberlee and I decided to go for a relaxing swim. That means the kids were banished from the pool for 2 hours. It is too chaotic when they are in the pool with us.
We have a blended family. She has 2 girls 9 and 13 and I have 2 boys 12 and 14. Kimberlee and I floated on rafts around the pool. We had been out there about 30 minutes when I noticed she was turning a little red so I got off my raft and poured some water over her to cool down her skin. It was then I saw my boys peeking out the bedroom window. I think trying to see when they could come out.
I decided to play with Kimberlee for a while and let my boy’s watch. I ran my hand along her legs and eventually landed on her pussy and played for a while. She seemed to enjoy it. I progressed with my level of play by untying her top from behind her neck and pulling it down just to the top of her areolas. Then I untied her bottoms and folded the material so it just barely covered her shaved pubic mound.
Ordinarily she likes sunbathing in the nude when the kids aren’t there but this was making her a little nervous. “What if the kids come out?” she asked. My plan was to step between her and the kids line of site. She was to roll off the raft into the water up to her neck and stand by the wall while I chased them back into the house. She bought that plan and relaxed. What she didn’t know was I was planning on letting them see her naked from the window.
I went back to stroking her body. I glanced at the window to make sure the boys were still watching. They were. I removed her top and laid it on the side of the pool then I did the same with her bottoms. She laid on the raft with her legs parted soaking in the sun. I played with her body kneading her tits and playing with her clit. As I played I turned the raft so the boys could get a better view of her pussy. Eventually I moved her legs off the raft spreading her wide open for them and fingered her to a mini orgasm.
She still doesn’t know her step sons have seen her naked and fingered.

5 days ago

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    • Fuck you and you fake incest story kid. Grow up then come back here. Like , Wife sunbathing in public ain't yours also.

    • Like i said. both are true! youre an asshole! get a life!

    • Bull shit ass hole!

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