Wife sunbathing in public

Age: 46
Height: 5’6’’
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Body: Athletic, firm Bubble Butt, Tanned, Shaved from the neck down,
Measurements: 37D 28 37

Irene and I were out on a motorcycle ride on sunny Saturday afternoon. I drove to a nearby lake and we got off to watch a half dozen or so guys fishing on the shore. Irene asked if we could lay in the grass. I agreed and she commented that she should have worn her bathing suit. On a rare occasion Irene had worn a bra and panties this day. I reminded her that she was wearing them and suggested that it would be OK to sunbathe in them. “You think that would be OK?” she asked. “Sure! It’s like wearing a bikini.” I told her. Irene stripped off her top and shorts and laid on the grass just feet from where the guys were fishing. I was still standing getting ready to lay beside her when I noticed that her black bra and panties were very sheer and you could easily see through them. These are thing Irene truly doesn’t think about. I had a very detailed view of her nipples. Curious, I walked to her feet. She had her legs parted and knees slightly bent allowing me to examine between her legs. What I expected was that her panties would have that little extra cotton material that is typical. Hers did not. Her panties were sheer enough to see the detail of her pussy lips.
I decided not to say anything and laid down next to her. I wanted the guys to see my mostly naked wife. I watched as every guy began to notice they could see through her bra and panties and walked slowly by to take her in. She laid there knees up and legs parted convincing some guys to stop to enjoy the view. I was getting turned on knowing that what they were seeing of my wife was one small detail above her being completely naked and spread. I let them enjoy her body for about an hour. Irene had no idea she was exposed. Later she stood to dress and we headed home. I was as hard as a rock.

5 days ago


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    • Are we to believe this is true when the next post, Displaying my Wife to her step sons is clearly yours. What the fuck this ain't fake cake time! Grow up and get an experience you can write about.

    • If you don't think it's true move on. I don't need to prove anything to you.

    • Quit writing fake stories ass hole. You married two separate women that both have done shit most women wouldn't ever do. But you where lucky enough to have that happen twice. Yeh right! I doubt you ever had a girlfriend never mind two wife's. Whores don't count as they do want you want for money!

    • What the fuck is wrong with you???? they are both true and 2 different women asshole! if you dont believe then move on.

    • So you have two wives! Yeh right asshole

    • Have you heard of divorce a-hole?

    • Yes But you have to be married first to get a divorce.

    • I'm hard as a rock now

    • If you want to hear more about her just search on "Irene". The medication she's on makes her very horny and eliminates her inhibitions. I have fun with her

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