Loves It

When all he has you do is get naked and sit on his face. he greedy eats, licks and sucks your multi-orgasmic dripping and gushing pussy, ass and asshole....While he feverishly beats his cock until he explodes cum all over himself.....MMMMMMM

28 days ago

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    • This is all I want in life, especially if you've been recently naughty and I'm licking the mess of your recent partner

    • Mostly the just have explosive diarrhea mmmm

    • I love licking pussy . Love it when she cum again and again all over my face .

    • Mmmmm

    • That is honestly the BEST!! I love a woman sitting on my face and tasting her cum as she has multiple orgasms!! I dated a girl who could squirt seemingly gallons!! I loved it when I would eat her until she was ready to cum and she would make me kneel in front of her and stroke myself with my mouth open and rub herself until she sprayed down my throat. God I miss her!!

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