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Before we were married I convinced my wife to let me take photos of her. At first it was difficult to get photos of her in a bikini but after a while she let me take nude photos of her. This was when there were only film cameras and you had to take the film to be developed. There was a camera store near where we lived and the first film I dropped off was just of her in a bikini. There was an old guy that worked there and when I picked up the pictures he told me that he liked the pictures. The next roll of film had some photos of her without clothes but nothing to explicit. I dropped off the film and when I picked it up the old guy said that the girl in the photos was very pretty. The next roll of film that I dropped off had some photos of my girl lying on her back first with her legs together and then apart showing all of her. I went on a trip and I told my girlfriend that the pictures were ready and asked her to pick them up. I told her that they just did the pictures and hadn't looked at them. She picked up the pictures and the old guy didn't say anything. When I dropped off the next roll of film the old guy told me that my girlfriend was very nice looking in person too. I picked up the pictures and the old guy asked me if I was going to take some photos of us fucking. I told him that I didn't think so because it would be difficult to hold the camera while fucking her. He told me that he would be willing to take pictures of us while we were fucking.
I wanted him to take these photos but I didn't know how to tell my girlfriend. After fucking on night I said that it would be nice to have some pictures of us fucking. My girlfriend asked how we could do it and I told her that we needed someone to be in our bedroom taking the photos. I thought that she wouldn't want this to happen but she asked if I could find someone. I told her that the old guy at the camera store had offered. She said that she knew that he had been looking at our pictures.
I arranged for the old guy to come over the next Saturday afternoon after he closed the camera store for the day. He came about 2 and pretty quickly he started to take photos of my girlfriend getting undressed and then of her lying on the bed. I watched this go on and then he told me to get undressed. While I was undressing, he took off his clothes revealing a very large dick. He told me to kiss my girlfriend and while I did he placed the camera on a tripod. Then he also got on the bed and got between my girlfriend's legs and started licking her clit. He told me to keep kissing her and he got between her legs and stuck his large dick into her. It took him several pushes to get all of his large dick into her and then he started fucking her like he hadn't had sex for a year. My girlfriend started coming and then the old guy came inside her. He got off of her and I moved toward the bottom of the bed and he told me to lick her. Without over thinking it I licked her tasting another man's come for the first time. He stuck his large dick in my girlfriend's mouth and I stuck my dick into her. I came quickly and as soon as I pulled out he took my place.
He fucked her for a long while until she had two more orgasms and then he came in her again. He had set his camera so that it took a video and he told us that it would be ready the next afternoon. He told us that he would make us as many pictures as we wanted from the video but that he was going to keep it for himself. The next afternoon we went to the camera store and watched the video. As we watched the old guy took off his pants and his large dick was hard again. My girlfriend took off her clothes and the old guy fucked her again. Then it was my turn to clean her up before I got to fuck her.
The old guy kept our video and made copies of it and sold them out of the back room of the camera store. For the next five years guys kept telling me that I was a very lucky guy for having a wife that made a sex video. At first I tried to deny that it was her but it was obvious since I was also in the video. Then I started to agree that I was a lucky guy.

26 days ago

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    • Kodachrome They give us those nice bright colors.
      Doing some spring cleaning in May I came across the mother load of naked pictures of my young wife and 4 ex girlfriends. 3 shoe boxes of naked college age hot ladies and a chubby FWB neighbor who was 45 (I was 22 with her) -- I hid them so well from the kids I mostly forgot about them, there are around 600 of them, mostly R or PG13 -- about 100 are with clothing on -- pretty cool putting them side by side. They now are 65+ years old. one I see one (Molly) by chance 1 or 2x a year and we have nice chats, I can't help thinking how we had sex a lot, think she does too, Always gives me a peck on the cheek. I'm thinking of offering her her naked pictures. It might be weird though. My wife for example when I told her I found them said she remembers posing for 1 or 2 maybe -- it's actually 200. When I showed her "OMG I was such a young slut." But loves them "I could have been in Playboy". She says I should hint around to Molly. Many of Molly are on a secluded hiking trail. Talk about your naughty hikes, she said. See if that triggers her memory. Back then with no internet to worry about, young ladies wanted to see themselves naked, and posed for a BF they trusted. I still have my Nikon Camera. My favorite one, my wife by a pool table with 3 guy, 3 girls, all clothed -- she lost a strip naked pool bet with another girl.

    • Beta or VHS

    • Uploaded at:

    • When I was young it was really hard to find places that would develop film of naughty still pictures. Most times they'd blacken out the negatives so my stash of undeveloped film rolls grew and grew. I finally met a guy who'd develop them, but his price was him getting to keep the negatives. The photos looked great and when my then gf found out she got ecstatic and eagerly posed for more. These photo sessions got progressively naughtier, especially once I got a tripod and a timer. Because we were both fearful of drama, I seldom let our faces show in a way you could recognize us and focused mainly making art that wouldn't be seen as smut.

      The guy that was developing our photos loved them and then asked me if I was interested to photographing other couples. He had other couples that also developed their private stuff with him. Some of them had asked about discreet photographers that weren't creepy old men. Our developer had taken the liberty of showing them my work. I soon began taking artfully done private pictures of a LOT of couples.

      The sessions would always start as art shots and then get slowly more risque. Most sessions eventually became flat porn of the couple.

      One part of this new 'business' I hadn't expected, but appreciated, was on how often part of the 'thanks' that I got, after a photo session, was sex with the female as the male happily watched, photographed or joined in.

      I had shared this aspect of my life with a good friend. After a while he asked that I photograph him and his girlfriend. Well... I soon discovered that this unique trend didn't stop when I started helping with my friend's private photography needs. I soon was having threesomes with most of my friends and their women.

      Someone else was the first to get a VHS camera. When they did, suddenly my services were no longer asked for and they started swapping with all of our friends as they made VHS tapes.

    • Yes, both this post and the OP were right about those times. I had really mixed feelings about letting men take revealing or naughty pictures of me. I felt like I had to resist or risk a bad reputation but I also was eager to model for them as well. When the pictures were being taken I didn't like to show my face but when the pictures came back the ones that "accidentally" showed my face were often the best ones.

      When I got invited to pose for a photography club I worried what would happen there. My fears were allayed and I found I LOVED posing for photography clubs. Three to 20 fully dressed and serious men taking pictures of little me in my skimpys and birthday suit. I loved it. I hated to bid goodbye to them when I got engaged and moved to get married.

      When we had been married for some years my husband got a little into photography. He mostly did sunsets and nature. I dropped what hints I could about him maybe joining a local photography club. The first time he came home from a photography club shoot my husband was sweaty and had the most guilt-ridden face I had to stifle my mirth.

      Looking back I have mixed emotions, it was so much more innocent then but now we can do WAY more and not worry about bad rumors ruining your life.

    • Would love to see them

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