Virgin Brother

We had a cookout this weekend. I was smoking meats all night so they would be ready for lunch. Noon everyone was there. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. By 6pm it was just me, the wife and my brother Steve.

The three of us were in the pool. My wife said, "So Steve, didn't bring ur girlfriend?" Steve said, "What gf?" She said, "Ur a cute guy. Why no gf?" He said, "I work 3rd shift and all the girls at work are married or ugly." She said, "That sucks. So how long have you gone without?" He said, "A girl?" She said, "Well, yeah, but gone without sex." He said, "Well...37 years now." She said, "You're a virgin?" He said, "Yeah." She said, "Wow. I don't believe you." He said, "It's true." She said, "We're gonna take care of that. Today." He said, "You know a girl that is gonna come over here?" She said, "Yep."

She stood up and took off her bikini top. Then she went to the steps of the pool and took off the bottoms. He said, "What are you doing?" She said, "Getting naked of course." He said, "Yeah, but why?" She said, "So you can fuck me." He said, "I'm not gonna fuck you." She said, "Im not your type? I'm not hot enough?" He said, "You're plenty hot but your married to my brother." She said, "Your point?" He said, "It would be wrong." She said, "If he cared, he would have said something by now." She stepped into the pool and grabbed his cock through his swim trunks. She said, "See. He wants it." He said, "I don't have a condom." She said, "You aren't gonna wear one Your brother never does. Any other excuses?"

She walked back out of the pool taking Steve with her by the cock. She said, "This probably won't take long." He looked at me and said, "Bro. I'm sorry. I don't have a choice." I said, "Nope. You don't. Don't worry. She will take good care of you. Her pussy is like magic."

She took him into the house. They came back out a half hour later. She was still naked. He was wearing his swim trunks again. I said, "So? How'd it go?" She said, "10 minutes. Doggy style. He was pretty backed up. Blew a load like a shot gun."

She got in the pool and took off my pants and backed into my cock. She said, "3 orgasms. Don't you dare cum until I get 3 orgasms." My brother had a beer and said, "Bro. Seriously. I didn't expect any of this." She said, "About time for you to lose your virginity."

3 months ago


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    • One for the Mighty anti incest warrior to comment on

    • A virgin at 37? Sure.

    • Don't think it's not possible,

    • I agree. 37 year old virgin?? At least they could have made it a halfway realistic bullshit story.

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