I love being their sissy cumdump and taking hot load after load

I love being just a pair of fuck holes for daddy and his friends, it feels so good they way they stretch my boipussy and fuck my face with their big black cocks, like they're drilling for oil or something, very hard and deep. I love being their sissy cumdump and taking hot load after load in my mouth and ass. My favorite is always when they cum in my ass, then let me suck them dry, that way I'm sure to get every drop of their seed inside of me instead of wasted onto the floor. I beg them to do double anal on me so my boipussy gets good and stretched, because I love the feeling of having a gaping sissy fuck hole. My favorite part is when they all fuck me so hard that my tiny sissy dick is leaking cum through my chastity cage the entire time they're fucking me. I'm a sissy faggot cumdump from Shippensburg and I'd suck your black cock too if I could.

1 month ago


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    • Thats cute Danny rotz in hell!

    • Fucking faggot incest lover! It's fake but you should kill yourself for thinking it up Fag!

    • Funny you should mention drilling for oil, since the first great oil rush was in Titusville, not too far from you. Anyway, I work for the Coalition of Black Excellence, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment and growth of the Black community, and we'd like you to be our keynote speaker at the next CBE Week 2022 in February. We'd like you to talk about your experiences sucking black dick and having your anus violated by ebony cock. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, cbenonprofit dot org.

    • I realy wouldn't know what to wear to an event like that, but that you for the invite. Also, my skill set doesn't include public speaking.

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