I'm Danny, sissy, cumdump, Rotz from shippensburg

I'm Danny, sissy, cumdump, Rotz from shippensburg and I'm a sissy hypno, black cock addicted, tiny clitty dicked, butt plugged faggot.
I love to lay on my back with my head hanging off of the edge of the bed while daddy fucks my stretched out boipussy and his friends take turns fucking my face.
I love to feel their balls smashing against my face as they shove their big black cocks all they down my throat as hard as they can until their cum is filling my mouth and bubbling out of my nostrils all while I'm playing with my nipples and daddy is fucking my boipussy full of cum until my tiny clitty of a dick erupts and covers me with my own sissy juice.
After they all finish using me as their personal fuckhole, I get to suck all of their cocks completely dry and then scope every last drop of my own cum from my belly and chest and put my butt plug back in and wait until they're all ready to do it again, and I can't wait, I love being their little cumdump sissy faggot.

1 month ago

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    • Hey faggot, are you sucking cock today I need to get my nut off...newville

    • Of course silly, I'm sucking cock today and everyday. Matter of fact I'm laying with my head off of the edge of the bed right now, grinding on my favorite dildo and playing with my nipples, waiting for daddy to come fuck my face full of cum with his big black cock and my tiny sissy dick is so hard with excitement...I can't wait for his to cum in my mouth and down my throat. His cock is so amazing.

    • Shippensburg is full of white trash.

    • Soon it will be full of Mexicans
      We 💕 a sissy cumdump!!!

    • Hello Daniel, this is Reinhard Heydrich. I think I have figured out a final solution to your problem.

    • Fucking faggot incest lover! It's fake but you should kill yourself for thinking it up Fag!

    • "Daddy" in this case is just a figure of speach, like "oh yes daddy, fuck me harder", not my actual daddy. BTW, I love being called a fag, thanks

    • Yeah dum ass ‘anti incest’ poster think they gotta post on every post but too dum to know what incest even is

    • Yeah and apparently doesn't know what "daddy" means when getting fucked...maybe and inbred hillbilly

    • I don't even think Hillbillies would even say fuck me daddy in normal sex!
      Only incest when it is hid daughter!
      You fucking fags where kicked out of the house when daddy found out! No love there!
      Maybe that's why you sick fucks would say that! You need some love from daddy!

    • Yo Daniel! My name Weldon. I got nine inches black snake and I love Jewboy pussy. I gotta be in Harrisburg in a couple weeks, Ima come look you up.

    • Hey Weldon, BTW, it's Danny and I'd love nine inches of black snake, but I'm not a "Jewboy", not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'm 5'3" blonde hair, blue eyed all american whiteboi, but still would love that nine inch black cock

    • Yeah well FUCK YOU Danny Rotz I only like Jewboy pussy, I ain't getting my blacksnake all shitty from some mayonaisse-anus

    • So just to be sure, you're Danny Rotz and you live in Shippensburg and you're a black cock addicted, tiny clitty dicked, butt plugged, sissy cumdump.

    • No I think he's saying he's a sissy cumdump from Shippensburg named Danny Rotz, who's addicted to black cock, as well as being butt-plugged and tiny clitty-dicked.

    • Ok, that makes sense, if he has a realy small dick then no wander he's a faggot...he can't please pussy

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