Childhood secrets

Growing up there was a group of us of about 12 guys that always hung out to play sports and just hang out. From the age of about 10 to 23 we stayed close and had a blast. We all grew up and moved on with our lives. Over the years while having conversations with most of them separately, a secret emerged. Turns out I wasn't the only one swapping blowjobs with one of our friends Billy. Almost all of them have told me that they got head from this kid. Some gave him head and some actually fucked him, me included. It was a tightly guarded secret. I had some enjoyable sleepovers with Billy. He would suck on me until I went to sleep. I learned endurance while fucking his ass, sometimes being able to go an hour getting head and fucking him. He loved getting penetrated. He ate my ass and put my balls in his mouth all the time. We were so young, i sometimes wonder who taught him that. The guys told me similar stories. We were horny teenagers and getting regular head was worth keeping the secret.

1 month ago


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    • Thank God my friends weren't like your friends!

    • Thank God for fags cuz it left more hot young pussy for me

    • Actually we are all married and have kids, I'm currently a remodeling contractor, and through my travels I have fucked many stay-at-home wives, and who knows maybe I fucked yours.

    • Yeah and I fucked your daughters!

    • I only have one daughter and she's mine to fuck.

    • Possibly my daughter, since you shoot blanks.

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