Fun with brother

Me and my brother growing up had a lot of fun. I'd say it started when we were 14, he was a year older and not exactly sure what sparked it but we would 69 a lot. His cock is amazing, 9.5 cut and big loads, reminds me of Peter North. I'm kinda surprised we never got caught. He was more submissive then me at the time. He sucked me off everywhere and always swallowed my cum from our rooms to the garage, playground, pool etc.

As time went on we did more things like for example after school I would come home to him on the couch naked doggystyle ready to be fucked. I was young and not quite sure what I was doing but his warm hole felt so good and I wouldn't last long. My favorite moment I'll never forget was me sucking him off on top of a pool table, he shot this massive load all over my face. It was the first time I truly took a cumshot too, I was so scared prior. From the taste and the amount, it drove me nuts, I was sucking the rest off his semi soft cock amd I shot my load.

Fast forward several years and he is happily gay and married and I have a girlfriend with a kid and on occasion we talk about it still. He actually came over a few months ago when it was just me there and whipped out his cock and started stroking. I wanted to suck it so bad but he's trying to be faithful and today we had another discussion about us being faggots. I told him how my girlfriend loves to call me a faggot when she pegs me and he got jealous of that.

He's a horny guy just like me, I think it's just a matter of time before we ha e fun again. He wants us to have a threesome with my girlfriend and have her call us both faggots but sadly I don't get those kinda vibes from her. She's kinky but too risky. Any who just some thoughts, incest is more common then people like to think.

1 month ago


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    • Fags nothing but fags

    • I know, Christ, be a man and fuck your hot cousin with that meaty tool of yours

    • Lucky you are!! Will your bro be interested in a mature woman as I love to have a 9.5" into my warm hole...

    • He's pretty much gay but loves pussy here and there. He would fuck you

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    • I think he was eating his penis not size

    • It's tape measure guy again! so obsessed with cock size!

    • Fake and gross even for fags!

    • Why would I lie about my sexual experience, I'm sorry your sex life is boring. Why are you even here lol


    • It is fake because the odds of both brothers being gay are higher then lotto dumb fuck. Never mind the odds of both brothers being into incest also shit head! I call it like it is but I have posted good things, but you dumb fucks are to stupid to figure that out!

    • I'm not gay, I'm Bi, secondly it's an anonymous site, how am I suppose to look you up silly.

    • Bull shit Take your PC and shove it up your ass fag! You are either straight or a faggot pretending to be straight!

    • You are just like some of the gay guys on my Snapchat. You just cannot handle a guy liking both. It upsets you so much. You don't own the word faggot, it's called dirty talk and you go fuck yourself sweety puffs

    • Even the gay guys on snap chat agree with me! Maybe you should take the hint! Never said I own the word faggot, but it is the right word to describe fags! No I don't want dirty talk with you, fag!

    • Because she is stupid as a shit and harder to flush

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