Some of the best advice I received

I always thought my aunt and uncle had the best marriage of all the couples I knew growing up. I could just see it in their playful banter and the way he hugged her and grabbed her butt like know one could see it.
I was about four months from getting married myself and one of my friends was getting divorced from a three year marriage. I was telling my aunt about it and she told me that men are easy sweetheart, they are motivated by two things money and sex. She asked me now which one can you provide for your future husband? The answer of course was obvious but I still was worried that he would get tired of me and she answered me right back telling me well then do not become boring.
She told me that my uncle is always out in his shop working on something and that she has gone out there sometimes and just had sex with him. She laughed and I could not stop laughing either, I was not surprised though hearing about some of her past from my mom. She told me that I had to keep myself respectful but I also had to let out my inner slut to keep him interested. I was still turning red from her comments but she told me one of the best things I could do to keep him coming to me was learn how to suck dick and she even apologized for saying it that way. She then asked me if we had already had sex, she knew I was no longer a virgin but did not know about him. I said yes we have had sex then she asked me if I had ever just looked at him and said I want to suck your dick. I had not done that I said then she told me to do that for the rest of your life and I guarantee he will love you forever. She pointed out at the shop and told me that I probably do not want to know this but she has gone out there at any time of the day and either just sucked him or full on had sex with him completely dirty and greasy from whatever he is working on. I really did not want to know but she did give me the best marriage and sex advice of my life.
One day probably six months after we were married he told me that he had to go pick up some equipment and it would probably be an overnight. I asked if he wanted me to come along and suck his dick whenever he wanted and his facial expression was unforgettable. He sort of smiled and laughed but then said that I was just messing with him. I looked right at him and asked if he wanted it sucked right now, his response was hell yes and I went right down and did it. I went with him to ride along and probably gave him a dozen blow jobs that weekend along with a hotel stay that people in the rooms around us might still talk about. I still give him “Dick sucking” to quote my aunt and I have never had the slightest thought of him cheating because anytime he has even hinted at it I do it. He still craves me also, we have had some wild days of sex after dropping off the kids at my moms and I have let his imagination run wild asking him what he would like to do to me when we get home. His response a few times has been you would really do that? I just tell him that we can try it if it turns you on.
I really think we have a great marriage mainly because we are so open with each other and nothing is secret but I still love the look on his face when out of the blue I ask him if he wants his dick sucked.

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    • Don’t call these incest warriors ‘retarded’ because special needs people aren’t as dumb as this guy. You aunt gave good advice. Likewise to keep a girl happy... you need to lick Pussy

    • Love grows through the dick! True!!

    • I wish that crazy incest poster would go drop dead. What a dick.
      Anyway I like your aunts advice. My wife has been the same for our entire marriage of almost 45 years , 5 kids, and we’re up to 10 grandkids.
      I love my wife.

    • That was great advice you received.

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