I Want My Aunt Fattened Up

I wish either I (or someone else) could encourage my aunt to eat and eat and gorge herself until she's addicted to food and being stuffed full, and massively fat.

She'd look so good incredibly round, with a huge soft gut, thick thighs, and a massive shelf rear. She's already a bit plump and overweight, but she'd look amazing at 300 or 400lbs. At 24, I've tried to encourage her eating more, compliment her, and given her junk food or candy, but she's been reluctant.

I just want her to turn into a lazy, greedy, massive, soft gluttonous feedee that's always stuffing her face. Either by my own hand or efforts, or if she dated a feeder that'd help encourage her. Been wondering if I could hire someone to help with this...

She's in her early 60s, funny, sweet, and already enjoys eating and being somewhat lazy. But she has some self esteem issues with her body image and weight. I really wish she'd just let go and not worry, because she's gorgeous and amazing.

3 months ago

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