Wife enjoys flirting and being a tease

We've had a couple of episodes where my wife dresses seductively while on holiday away from prying neighbors, where She's openly flaunting herself, not in a whorish sense, but in a seductive manner. Partially open blouses with no bra, a flimsy dress that comes to the knees but when she sits , she pulls it up and crosses her well toned legs giving the canal viewer a peek of her lovely V spot calfs and sexy groomed feet. She's very approachable doesn't give off a negative fuck off vibe, but one that invites You into saying, Hello, how are you, can I buy You a drink, You look great! Once when we were out, I ran to the restroom, when I got back, a Guy had parked his butt in my chair and wouldn't leave. I didn't punch him but got another chair as He was a little drunk, but was eyeing the Mrs. and she laughed but she did like him, thought he was pleasant and didn't seem annoyed with him. She asked him to dance and He was spinning her around, and said take it ez don't be so rough. Then the DJ played a slow jam, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he placed both hands just below her waist, and he was grinding up against her. She started rubbing his neck as He now cupped her ass, as she rose up on her tip of her high heels, as I watched her allow him to bring up her bottom against his pelvis. He wanted to kiss Her but she turned her head and said something to him, as she pulled down her skirt, and they walked back to the table. I said, to her, well babe I think you meet a new friend. She just winked, and said lets go, I said where, She said to his room, I said to him, are you by yourself, He said yes, it'll be more relaxing, I said ok lets go, but my Wife will decide anything, so I don't want any hassles, he said no it's cool, we're good. So we settled our tab, I got a few drinks to go which they were go to bring to the room, my Wife and this guy walked with arms around each others waist, and we took the elevator up to his suite. My wife freshened up in the main bedroom was sitting on the edge with her legs crossed, and the Guy sitting next to her as she was putting on some lip gloss. I got up and went to the door when room service arrived, tip'd the server, opened some wine. and noticed the door partly closed in the back bedroom. The bath light was on and my wife, was totally nude, with her hands in front of her and her head on a pillow, and her knees bent as this guy was fucking her from behind. She was partly turned towards him as her breasts were swollen and her nipples hard as she was sticking out her tongue and he was sucking on it and playing with tits and fucking her at the same time . She was moaning loudly, as he pumped her pussy hard. I backed away and let him bang my wife's hot pussy. After about 10 minutes, I hurt her panting loudly, He now was entering her tight ass, as she murmured OOOO, and once He got in He drove his cock deep into her ass and She was saying Fuck my Ass Fuck Me, and in no time He shot a hot load of cum in her as he pulled it out it made a slurping sound and She rolled to her left side and was rubbing her clit, saying OOOO. I said, come-on babe lets take a shower, and I got her uno the shower, and washed her, and then I started kissing her and telling her how sexy and beautiful she is, and told her I'm going to fuck her, and she said fuck my hot pussy baby fuck me good! I picked her up by her ass , she wrapped both legs around my torso as I held her against the shower wall as I drove my cock deep inside of her hot pussy, as we tongued one another She came again. I picked her up and we got on the bed, and she laid atop of me, fucking me. The guy got between her legs and was fingering her ass and rubbing her pussy, and she was yelling OMG Fuck Me! He then lubed up his massive cock, and slid it in her ass AGAIN! She was getting doubled. I couldn't believe it, as my wife was in a heightened sexual pleasure zone. I remember us sleeping together as the Guy passed out on the couch, I woke her up around 8:30 in the morning, we showered got dressed, and left. We picked up some bagels and coffee, got home and slept till 6 or so. It doesn't happen often and we don't speak about it hardly, but it was intense for Her. Its all about Her.

3 months ago


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    • It took a long time and lot of convincing my wife that I wouldn't get mad before she finally had sex with another guy. Even then, it happened the first time quite by accident.

      We were on vacation and the bartender at the resort had been flirting with my wife for days. He worked the beach bar, so naturally he saw my wife in a bikini every day.

      I had been asking her from day one if she wanted to fuck him, but she kept telling me no. She said it wasn't something she was comfortable with, and as previously discussed, would never be happening.

      Well on night 4 of our week stay, she got really drunk. She was super horny, so she drug me back to our room to have sex. It was late, around 2AM, and she couldn't wait to get me in the door before her shorts and bikini top came off. She jumped on me and slid down on my dick, grinding me as hard and fast as she could. Watching her tits bounce and feeling her ass was pushing me to the edge, so I stopped her before I came.

      Her being drunk and horny asked if I wanted her to fuck the bartender. I being also drunk and horny said yes. She happily got up, put her shorts and bikini top back on, made her way to the bar, and returned with the bartender. I sat in the chair and watched as my wife stripped her clothes off, pushed this guy on the bed, and proceeded to lower her pussy on his hard dick. I watched as she rubbed her tits in his face and rode him to orgasm.

      The next morning was a little awkward, and she refused to talk about it for months afterwards. Finally one night many months later, we had been out for the evening. We had been drinking, but not drunk. I asked her if she liked fucking the bartender, and she admitted she had. She also admitted that I proved there would be no animosity. Then she proceeded to ask if I wanted her to fuck another guy. I admitted that would be nice. It took some searching, but we found a guy about 30 minutes away who now visits about once a month and fucks her while I sit in the chair and watched.

    • That’s my fantasy, the excitement, with a hint of jealousy. Very hot.

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