Mom and her daughter

So when me and the wife got together her daughter was 16 not a bit interested in her at that age but as she got older worked out a lot so I started appreciating her tight bum her small pert breasts.
As there is only 15 years between her and her mom 58 and 10 or so between me 53 and her 43 I have started fantasizing about fucking her and her mom.
Got to the point when I fuck her mom I think I'm fucking her daughter makes me so hard and cum so hard.
I'm sure wifes noticed the exceptionally hard fucking she is getting but hell why would she complain what I wouldnt give to have both sucking my cock every night.

1 month ago

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    • God my step daughters gorgeous 43 slim tight ass and small tits blue eyes brunette I'd live to fuck her cum deep inside her just like I do to her mom.

    • I have had the fantasy involving a woman and her daughter for many years.
      Its been a thing about having a 3some with them both or having the mum wanting me to/allowing me to have sex with her daughter and especially with her mum watching us!

    • So, you're not related by blood, so, it's not incest, so, not sure what all this pearl-clutching about incest is about.

    • Yes It is stupid he is married to her mother and that makes it incest! Read below it is real and you can easily fact check it!

      A West Virginia man and his step-daughter busted having sex are facing prison for incest — even though they are not biologically related.
Kelcey Nicholas, 28, was caught sleeping with 21-year-old Lataura Jarrett on Sept. 19 at their Mount Nebo home in Nicholas County.
Officers were checking on Nicholas' previous home-confinement charge when they walked in to find the duo in bed.
Usually, the couple would not be prosecuted for the incident — as they aren't related by blood and both are over the age of consent.
But they are bizarrely facing as much as 15 years in prison after Sheriff David Hopkins cited state law that a daughter is the natural offspring of a person's husband or wife.
As Nicholas is still married to Jarrett's mother, he is technically her father.
The pair was charged with seven counts of incest, reports the Saturday Gazette-Mail.
Nicholas remains in jail while Jarrett was freed on bond. Both will appear in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

      Not by blood but by marriage!

    • My stepdaughter and I hated eachother when I married her mother. Oh course I don't blame her, I am only 5 years older than her and 14 years younger than her mother.

      A few years into the marriage, my stepdaughter and I started getting along way better and naturally she and I had more in common than her mother and I did.

      My stepdaughter and I started hanging out, going to the bar, going to concerts together and I even got her a job where I work. We hung around so much that my wife got jealous and accused us of fucking, eventhough we weren't at the time.

      My wife decided to start fucking around with her exhusband because she was so convinced I was fucking her daughter, and naturally I caught her one night in bed with him. I never said a word, just packed my stuff and moved out.

      The next day, my stepdaughter (soon to be ex stepdaughter) stopped by to see how I was doing. She kissed me and we ended up in bed together. We started dating and of course my wife said she knew we was fucking around, eventhough it never happened until after.

      Funny thing is I ended up marrying the daughter and we been together for years now. Holidays are still a little awkward, knowing I've fucked both the mother and daughter.

    • I was having dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and while I was enjoying a round of Nachos and Margaritas and in comes a man in a Mariachi Suit holding a Guitar, however the man was barefoot and he appeared drunk and he began to sing very loudly getting on the nerves of other customers.

      Then he took out a bottle of Tequila and began to make his way towards the restroom and let’s not forget, the man was barefoot and here I was eating just to see a grown man walking barefoot into a public restroom.

      I nearly threw up in my mouth a little while trying to eat some nachos and if that wasn’t bad enough, the man was actually singing in the restroom. After about a half an hour of listening to this man and his antics in the restroom he returned from the restroom barefoot and he was in his underwear.

      I was just about to throw up what kind of nasty asshole goes into a restroom barefoot and walks out in their fucking underwear and yet he’s still singing.

      Then he sits down at an empty table next to where I was sitting, he picks up his foot and starts to smell his fucking feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as I could hear everyone groaning in disgust.

      Restaurant Employees were yelling at this whackjob that he needs to leave the building because of his behavior but then he goes over to our table, and snatches my taco, puts his foot in my taco, and SUCKS HIS TOES on my fucking taco.

      At that point I was so pissed off that I grabbed his guitar and smashed him over the head with it as he feel to the floor as employees dragged his drunk, half naked ass out of the restaurant.

      It’s a shame that my night was ruined because of the antics of a drunk barefoot buffoon, seriously I hope this idiot gets some serious help and you also owe me a taco for sticking your dirty ass feet in it, people please drink responsibly or otherwise you may end up getting a guitar playing a tune on your skull next time you decide to suck your toes on one’s taco.

    • Every time you post one of your dumb little posts a stepdaughter is molested. Kind of like an angel getting its wings.

    • Not cool at all. I don't like this troll at all but thats not right to say!

    • Yessssssss
      Every man with a stepdaughter thinks that
      Every one, though none would admit it publicly

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