I'm in trouble

I have an unusually small vagina, so when I have sex with a guy, he has to work to get it in. My husband isn't very big, and that's a good thing because of my condition.

I cheated on my husband about a week ago with a guy from work. We snuck off during lunch to have sex in the back of his car. He is big, a lot bigger than anyone else I've ever been with, so he was working to get it in. Because it was lunch and we had a limited amount of time, he was in a hurry and forced it in.

It ripped me between my vagina and my butt, sometimes called the taint. It was extremely painful and I ended up going to the ER to get stitched up. My husband doesn't know I have stitches down there, but I'm sure he'll want sex soon. And when he does, he'll want to know why and what happened.

2 months ago

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    • That's called karma....

    • Just tell him the truth you cheated cause his dicks to small

    • I have a congenital defect that resulted in gonadal dysgenesis, or "infantile genitalia." A guy with a 5" cock is about all I can take. Needless to say, I've had sex with a lot of happy guys who feel like rock stars filling me up. The one time I took bigger, probably about 6 or 7", nearly tore me in half. So I feel ya.

    • My wife also has a tiny vagina. Of course, she's only 10!

    • Lucky you!!!!

    • Tell him you're a stupid, nasty, whore and he should probably see a STD clinic and a lawyer. Do it now before the ER mails out the bill.

    • Just tell your husband you have a bad yeast infection and give him a blow job until your stitches heal, or dissolve (whichever kind the doctor gave you.)

    • I have a big fat dick and it was more of a hindrance than a plus. My first GF had to set up on her shoulders to line her pussy up to my dick at a 45 degree angle, the only way it would half fit. It took a month of half fucking her till I could fit the whole dick in her without her in pain. As the girls got older their pussies got bigger, but still a very tight fit. Sex would go fast, a tight fit made it so and I didn't want hurt them longer. One girl on the 3rd date, the first fuck date, saw it and gave me a blowjob. Our last date. Then my wife. A small petite gal, we really hit off on the first date. She's more sexual than me, we go to bed. I'm giving her oral, I always give oral so it fits better, -- omg I'm going to fit nicely in this one. The best fuck of my life, I don't have to hold back, I'm not going to hurt this bigger pussy. We must have fucked 12 time from Thur night to sun night. She's a keeper. Years later she tells me the guy she's cheating on that night was bigger than any porn star. She said she was way too tight for him at first, but she could see her pussy expand more every time they had sex. She said she only had mild pain at first. Years alter her pussy is tight again, but not too.
      Pussy expands and shirks to the size of the dick going in it regularly. And it's like memory foam. As gag I bought her the biggest dildo. She said her old BF was actually a little bigger. I say no way. We're 69 ing -- the dildo nearby, she's really hot and wet. I slide a little in, a little more, she reaches down slips the whole damn thing up. OMG it just expanded 4x to fit. Memory foam.

    • My college summer job at the market I was fucking 2 married women in their 40's. My second summer a 3rd one in her 30's was added to my harem. She brought condoms even, so I wouldn't knock her up - so thoughtful of her not to go home with a belly full. These were otherwise nice sweet women. I don't know why single guys, looking to get laid, go to clubs to meet a gal to fuck after a month long courtship. Just go to work and wink at a married coworker.

    • I think it’s funny how people take the time complain if a story is fake or not. Don’t read it if it sounds fake..FAG

    • Tell him you sat on a wooden chair or park bench or picnic table bench and slipped off, resulting in a nasty tear of your perineum. No sex for 2-4 weeks. You should volunteer the information: do not wait for him to find it on his own. Show him the wound and he ointment and antibiotic they gave you. Limp a lot, and seat yourself carefully round the house. Make him feel sorry for you. "Oh, you poor, poor dear."

      Last piece of advice: stop fucking black men. They too big for your coot-coot!

    • Tell him you shoved a huge cucumber in there you were horny

    • Yeah, you was makin pickles!

    • Wait, so that's how they make pickles?

    • Yup

    • Tell him you have thrush

    • You have it!

    • Omg not good. What are you going to do? You know he's going to feel it.

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