Panty sniffing

I was dating this woman for a couple of months when she said her parents were coming to visit for a couple of weeks from out of town. Her mother is stunning, mid to late 60's well but together and elegant. She bent over in front of me and i could see the lace top of the panties she was wearing. A couple of days later i found myself alone in the house and decided to check out her suit case. There was a bag in there with dirty clothes so i had a look and there were the briefs with the lace top. Vanity Fair, satin with a lace top band. I couldn't help myself I pulled them out and started to sniff the gusset. In the bag was a nice bra, 36 G. I was in heaven. I sniffed those panties, and stroked my cock. I shot my load in the gusset then put them back in the bag. A few days later i saw clothes on the floor in front of the washing machine. There were the panties and a couple of other pairs....well you know what happened next.

4 months ago

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    • I ask my gf to pee in her panties - it looks sooo hot watching that wet gusset clinging to her engorged pussy. I take her to bed, spread wide her thighs and lick and suck on the wet spot. She often reaches climax this way and then stroke my cock to my ejaculation. Any feednack to my fetish??

    • I’ve done the same thing but with panties from my grandson’s wife when they were staying with us. My wife took them sight seeing while I stayed behind by myself to make dinner, I couldn’t wait. I went into our guest room and snooped until I found what I was looking for. There they were on the floor in the closet, a pair of powder pink nylon briefs. I dropped my shorts and wrapped my already hard cock with them and softly rubbed myself to an orgasm. It took all of 2 to 3 minutes, I was so excited. I put them back where I found them.
      I still think about that dat all the time.

    • Were there any skid marks ? I would blow a huge load while I sniffed exactly where her asshole was. I love beating my cock hard while I rub the soft silky panties under my nose then right on my big balls.

    • No shit skid marks just sweet young pussy smells

    • Love it.

    • That's so hot. I also love the smell of panties.

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