Ball Busting my Best Friend

I ball bust my best friend and he loves it. It’s super weird to me but it makes him happy since his girlfriend of five years dumped him. He said his shame was to much to ever tell her about it but he tells me everything. At first it was once every couple of weeks but lately it’s three or four day’s every week. He didn’t want me nude so I always wear a T-shirt leggings and socks but a couple of weeks ago he started being me stockings every time to wear with my t-shirt. After about thirty minutes of me doing different kicks on his balls and penis he goes to the bathroom jerks off and comes back out clothed like nothing happened. We sit on the couch watch anime he’ll rub my legs and feet then leave with the stockings he brought me to wear. This is all so strange, I love friend but this is kind of a lot.

2 months ago

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