Mom’s girlfriend is almost the same age as me

My mom is dating a woman who’s only three years older than me. She’s a college freshman. She’s asked to borrow my clothes.

I don’t like it.

1 month ago

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    • Age is irrelevant. being wet and horny is the key. participating is more important for me. scissor and love every second of it. it is different being eaten by a woman.

    • I`m also in my early 20`s in an
      affair with a 47 yr old married woman, I found out they are the best lovers they have been wanting it their whole life and can`t get enough their relentless and I love it, yummy!

    • I totally agree I have always enjoyed older women , and I have been a lesbian slut since I was 16, Debbie

    • Me too, I’ve been with older women since before I could drive. I think at least half of all “straight” moms are either fucking their daughters already or wish they could.

    • God I will frost you all like a goddamn cupcake.

    • Will you sleep with her too?

    • Lol, she better buy me a drink first

    • That’s hot.

    • I think it’s weird and a little gross. I think they’re doing some mommy/daughter rp shit about me and it would be less weird if my mom just said she wanted to fuck me, lol

    • Wow it’s time for a threesome….do it. Soooo hot!!

    • I’d have to be so drunk first, it’s not even funny

    • Just get with the girl and make mom admit she wants you. You can have fun and they'll quit the mind games and be honest.

    • We’ll come Mother’s Day they were both a little drunk so I let let mom’s girlfriend kiss me, and that seemed to really do something for her, lol.

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