Enough is enough

My wife and I have been married for 20 years. She is now 51 and I'm 45. About 3 months ago my wife gave me quite a shock. She didn't even ask. She told me what she wanted and she got it.

I have been working 3rd shift for the past 10 years. I work between 10 and 12 hour shifts and five days a week. My wife and I have sex usually once a week. It's mainly because of work. Between work and sleep it doesn't leave much for free time. Once or twice a month she will wake me up with a blowjob. She does it not expecting reciprocation. I also eat her pussy probably once a week at least. She knows I love doing it and she cums pretty hard when I do it.

So one day a few months ago she texted me while I was at work. It said, "I'm horny." I didn't see it right away because I was working. When I saw it I said, "It's gonna be a few hours before I get home babe." She said, "I need dick. Like now. A big hard cock inside me. I want to cum hard." I said, "Well, I'm up for it when I get home. I dunno about the big part tho. Will my 5 inches be enough :)" She said, "I'd rather have 10 inches in me." I said, "I can fuck you twice." She said, "Or I can fuck Alexi once." I said, "Who is Alexi?" She said, "Guy from work. He wants me. Bad." I said, "How do you know this?" She said, "He told me. I was flirting with him and he said all he'd have to do is fuck me once and I'd be hooked." I said, "And?" She said, "He's on his way over." I said, "You're gonna have sex with another man?" She said, "Yep. I want to be thoroughly fucked by a guy with a big dick."

2 months ago


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    • It's true once a woman gets fucked by a big cock thay will always want it. Me and my wife was married maybe two years. We were drinking with a friend of mine. She was pretty drunk. I started playing around with her grabbing her tits and pussy. Next thing I knew she had her top off. Me and my friend were playing with her tits he put his hand in her pants and said that she was wet.i looked at her and asked if she wanted to do this. She said yes. I stood up and started taking off my clothes. He just pulled out his cock. He was at least 8 inches and very thick. My wife looked at him and said wow. She got on her knees and started sucking him off. I got behind her and was licking her pussy. He was rock hard she climb on top of him and she eased her pussy onto his cock she was so turned on that she started cumming in just a few minutes. Long story short years later she's fucked a lot of guys with big cocks. I still can't believe how she can take some of the guys that have fucked her. She's a happy woman. So am I.

    • The old joke, have any naked pictures of your wife (Sally)? Want to buy some?
      That hit home. 1998 we're married 2 years and she goes on a hiking vacation her GF Joan. A month ago I get an email with a naked Sally standing on a mountain summit. She standing sideways and her arm is covering her big tits. Mostly her face and nice round ass exposed. It's from anonymous .
      WTF Sally? At first she said Joan took it, they were goofing off. Later she said I have a confession. We were out of our league hiking the AT. We met these 2 guys, ringers. The were good looking, had long cool beards and 6 packs. They were our guides, our protectors, we had sex with them. My guy was a photo bug. He took 100 nudes of me, mostly PG 17. I had a fling with a girl at work, Sally knows. Guess you can say we're even.
      Send more anonymous.

    • Sometimes women will just wake up one morning and say to themselves, "Today is the day I become a whore". (This happens with married white women in far greater numbers than any others. And once they get a taste for the whore life, there's no return. A few will actually start charging for their services, but most are just looking for the action or attention their stupid husbands don't provide. A woman will always go get what she wants. If that means cheating, so be it. Is it trashy and immoral? Of course, but that's a considerable part of the charm. Plus, it gives her a reason to expand her wardrobe.

    • So did she get hooked?

    • Well, did she?

    • I thought the same thing! I also thought she and Alexei had been going at one another for a very, very long time and she finally just figured a way to let her poor husband know about it. It's an awful way for her to do it, but I guess thats just what a whore do. And she is clearly a whore. My guess is also that she is gutter white trash. Maybe even trailer-raised and damaged and dirty. Lovable, yes, but still filthy.

    • She comes from a slightly above average family, income wise. Her parents were fairly strict as far as how long she could be put and were the bible thumping type. About a week before we got married she asked if she could do one wild thing before she settled down. I told her she could. She had sex with someone the night of her bachelorette party. She told me about it. I told her I was ok with it seeing as she wasn't allowed to do anything.

      We have a healthy marriage and she doesn't hide anything from me. When we watch movies, if she sees someone "hot" she will say something. She'll say, "Now THAT guy is hot. Would you let me fuck him?" I said, "Chris Hemsworth? If you happened to get the chance...sure lol."

    • Are we to understand that you said/did nothing and she followed through? If you enjoy the idea of hotwifery, then you're set, because from now on, she's going to decide who she fucks and when and where and how much, because you ceded control of all that to her, if you didn't stop or seven OPPOSE her little trip round the maypole with Alexi. And if you did neither, then, whether or not she hooks up with any others, Alexi is now a given within your marriage and she has a pass to get on him WHENEVER. Get used to it: he's permanent. You may still have a chance to keep her off others, but if you did AND said nothing about Alexi, her hot little twat as much as belongs to him. She gave you a test and you failed it. Your only other option is divorce.

    • Yep another man owns your wife now. so sorry!

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