Concerned about medical records

When I was ordering a prescription online for my wife of 40 plus years, a section said medical records.
I said let’s look at your medical records...
She shouted, no don’t do that!!
It surprised me and I questioned why she jumped at me so much about this?
She said that she just didn’t want to bother looking at things like that.
We had a row and she said that there as nothing to see?
But now I worry why she was so protective about her medical records!
I know she was fucked a lot before me.
Now I wonder, did she get pregnant, get a std or whatever??
Why would she react like that if there was nothing to hide???

3 months ago


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    • Leave it alone

    • Its cause she used to be a dude

    • LOL! Utterly brilliant!! Best response in the history of the site! And maybe in the history of responses!

    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

    • A. While it would be nice and comforting if she allowed you access to her records, you have no right to them. They are , after all, HER records.

      B. If you really love her, the past shouldn't matter. It is, after all, past.

    • Okay but she shouldn't hide important info from since he is after all her husband. That shit matters you ass-bartles.

    • She’s full of STDs

    • I agree. She does not want you to see just what kind of whore you married. So, the question is: do you care? We know that all women are whores. Every single one of them. Will it change anything to see medical evidence of what you already know?

    • It seems likely that the records will reflect (a) a marriage or a pregnancy or a gyno operation she hasn't disclosed to you; or (b) a stint in chemical dependency rehab you don't know about; (or (c) a course of pharmaceutical treatment patently pointing toward a societally-conflicted physical or mental health issue she might be embarrassed by; or (d) She 's carrying something that she might conceivably transmit to you or her child/ren.
      One topic bears separate treatment: If the two of you are churchgoers or believers, there may be an abortion reflected in her files that is at odds with what she's said about her position on that topic at church or inpolitics or in private. Sad to say, but some churches --- despite their stated mission --- and sompolitical organizations --- despite their proclamations --- can be painfully (literally so) unforgiving of those who have undergone that procedure, despite the fact that it was perfectly legal at the time and in they manner performed.

    • True enough. Plus, remember, too, that some churches --- including some LARGE churches and entire denominations hold to the idea that ANY form of contraception is a sin, so your seeing even a simple prescription for birth control pills, from years ago, might give her pause to consider (and perhaps worry over) just what kind of minefield those records could present. Except that if YOU step on a mine, SHE gets blown up. It's not hard to imagine why she would just prefer not to open the door: it's simply soooooooo much simpler to say "no".

    • So you think he'll blab this information to the world?, She's his wife, dumbass.

    • Just look at it when shes not home

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