Luck me poor wife came third

A few years ago I worked away only coming home at weekends.
During that time I had an affair with a married woman and we had regular weekly sex.
Then one week after I had fucked my lover on the Monday, I was in the hotel on the Wednesday evening, got chatting to another woman (again married) and ended up fucking her in bed that night!
For some weird reason I wanted to make it three women in a week!
So when I was at home on the Saturday with my wife and when we went to bed at the end of the evening I was determined to make her my third in a week.
She didn’t really want to have sex, but I kept on until she finally gave in ten minutes before midnight and took my cock!
It felt good to have my third fanny in a week.
I did feel a little guilty that my poor wife was taking my cock after it had been up two others that week!

2 months ago


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    • Hey did you bang my wife? She actually confessed that she cheated on me with a guy she met in a hotel a few years ago. Our marriage was actually pretty shit back then so I couldn't really blame her but it opened up serious discussions and made us work on out marriage. So thanks I guess.

    • I may have, she offered to suck my cock.
      Would your wife had done that?

    • Yeah most likely.

    • Mine is just simply an easy married piece of loose ass. .but a good one

    • Do you ever go to see the gal that was your regular out-of-town partner? D oes she ever come to you? Since she was already married, did you two talk at all about having a secret baby together inside her marriage, allowing her husband to believe he was the father while you and she alone would know the true paternity?

    • She thought she was pregnant once

    • God that is really sexy as all hell!!! You should be proud, NOT GUILTY!! NOT EVER!!!! WOW!!!

    • Thanks really enjoyed having them

    • 3 in a week? I had 6 in a weekend and most of them knew that they had to be out at a certain time because the next one is coming

    • Luck you

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