We are in Mexico for a wedding and my kids have a bunch of friends attending. There has been this one girl who has been hanging on me, I’m 52 she is 20. I thought it to be fun but didn’t think much of it.

At the bar last night, I was sitting with my wife and had my hand on the back of the chair. This girl came up behind us and laid her chest on my arm. Moved them around for like 5 min before leaving.

Is this really happening?

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  • So you and the other married fucks below don't give a shit about your wife, kids or marriage? Let it and any other opportunities like that go if you do care about your wife, kids and you marriage!

  • He never said he was going to fuck this girl dumbass! You are readying way to much into it.

  • Yeh right It's like every other stupid what should I do story! He wants every reply to tell him to fuck her, so he can jerk off to it! So no there is no reading too much to it. He is married with children. But he makes Al Bundy look great!

  • He is entitled to extracurricular fun, just like every other married man, and he should get it wherever and whenever he can. He just has to be better at risk management. Apparently his wife is with him in Mexico, so fucking a young girl who's part of their same travel group is unnecessarily risky. I would find a nice Mexican lady who lives near their hotel and who needs a bit of attention . . . . and wear her out. It wouldn't be without risk, but would be FAR less risky than the bitch-child who is playing this cat-and-mouse game with him.

  • Really and what if that bitch gave him an STD or STI or told his wife because she is a home wrecker? When you say I do! It's not with who. You don't cheat when you are married asshole! You want to fool around DON'T GET MARRIED!
    I can tell you have no wife or girlfriend period! If you did and she cheated on you what would you do!

  • LOL. I hope you have a regular job, because your skills as a psychic are awful: everything you said or assumed about me was wrong. Also, your snide moral standards and smug superiority are equally awful.........but I doubt this is the first time anyone's ever told you that. If you believe the things you wrote, that's lovely: live your life as you choose...... and afford the same privilege to others. Please.

  • Where did you get that he is a psychic from that? He gave you examples of what could happen if he fucks her or anyone else. Then he pointed out marriage vows and the moral standings of marriage and relationships! You also never answered his question!
    What would you feel or do if your wife was the one cheating on you? I would like to see that answer to!

  • I'm 61 and my lover is 50, she prefers older men. Some do

  • Yes, herr professor . . . . everyone knows about May-December romance, so you needn't point out the obvious existence of personal preference. But where your relationship exhibits a meager age difference of 22%, the age difference in his case (and which is not even a "relationship" by any defensible definition), clearly shows he is over two-and-a-half times as old as she is. That wouldn't be considered a preference: it would be a perversion. Am I saying nothing can or should happen between them? Of course not. I'm just saying he's begging for trouble, bigger and more serious than mere heartbreak, to believe that it's already happening. "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!" This girl is BIG trouble. HUGE.

  • If she really wanted someone the age of her father, she could easily get that any night of the week back at home. Why would she wait to make a play on a 50-year-old until she was outside the country with all her friends standing around in a group? You're projecting your fantasy onto her screen. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!! If you don't, you will regret it. And soon!!! I promise you, if you continue down this path, you will be very very very very very very sorry!! Your wife will own the house and the cars and all the bank accounts . . . . . . assuming, that is, she doesn't cut your dick off and then shoot you between the eyes first. Chill out, dude, . . . . stop drinking, stay out of the bar, AND WEAR A CUP!!!! Whether or not you realize it, you are in serious danger!

  • No. It is certainly NOT "really" happening. She is hoping to humiliate you in front of the group, making herself look innocent, virginal and yet utterly irresistible in the process. Do not yield. Do not play along. Ignore her. Walk away. You will regret it if you pretend like it's real. It's poison. She's poison. Best case? You get embarrassed. . . . and everyone remembers it forever. Worst case? You get arrested. In FUCKING MEXICO!!! There's no upside to thinking she WANTS you, and then acting on it. It's ALL downside. If you were smart, you'd fly home today and leave everybody else there. Do not EVER allow yourself to be entirely alone with this girl. She's probably a psychopath!! RUN AWAY!!! Will somebody else get the pussy? Possibly. Let him pay the price for it. If you just want a piece of vacation ass, go find a super trashy Mexican hooker, take her to a cheap roadside motel and rag doll her all night. Better yet, knock her ass up! But stay away from that bitch trying to ruin your life.

  • I think the best piece of advice you got is in ^this^ comment: DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE ALONE IN ANY ROOM WITH THIS GIRL. If she has malicious intentions she could use that opportunity to cry 'rape' and humiliate you or even get you put under arrest! Avoid her all the time while youre away: she might could be a crazy bitch-babe!

  • Go for it. I moved my younger niece to college one weekend, and some hot-bodied, sexy 19 year old took a liking to me. She was making small talk with everyone, then, when they went to pick up food and I stayed behind to put a bed together, came back and was all over me. Kept telling me how cute I was, she loved my eyes, and wanted me to visit her room that night so we could "experience" each other. I did give in and kissed her a few times, caressing her tight, young body in my hands and wanting to throw her down, but ended up not going to her room that night b/c we were all up late doing things in the room and I couldn't get away.

    I saw her when I was leaving, she hugged and kissed me in the hallway, and told me "You know where my room is next time you visit. You better come see me". About a month later, I did.

  • Please make a separate post about that visit!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • It’s happening if you want it to

  • Even if SHE is the one who comes on to YOU, SHE will never tell the story that way: she'll always tell it the other way round. And she will add things in each retelling that NEVER happened but that make her look more innocent and make you look more predatory. Believe me. Young girls always embellish . . . . . and always in their own favor. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE . . . . AND SHE WILL BURN YOU!! Get out while you can!

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