Fast Food 911 Calls

People Calling 911 over stupid reasons that phone line is for lifeor death emergencies not a complaint hotline seriously there could be a armed robbery, a stroke victim or a house is on fire and the Police, Fire, or EMT can't make it cause some dumbass is holding up the lines to complain about messed up orders at McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway.

It makes me so angry when people use 911 to complain about their orders at restaurants getting botched. I really don't understand what makes anybody think the Police would come to arrest a McDonald's worker because they are a Fry short of a Happy Meal.

Recently some woman was so mad about her Chicken Sandwich at KFC she called 911 over it. I mean What the fuck do you think the Police are going to do Arrest Colonel Sanders because you don't like your sandwich? Let's also share several other stupid reasons people have called 911 over their botched fast food orders.

A Woman was so mad at Subway who put Marinara Sauce instead of Pizza Sauce. Now really you're going to hold up real emergencies because you don't like Marinara Sauce and think it's more important than attending to a victim of a head on collision? This stupid bitch was locked up for 30 minutes because it's a waste of Police Officer's time to answer and arrest these morons who use 911 for Fast Food Orders.

Then some idiot ordered 7 Cheeseburgers and when he found out he was a burger short, he called 911. now you're calling 911 over a Missing Cheeseburger please Call 911 after eating all of those damn cheeseburgers you glutton.

Years ago a 42 year old man called 911, over 3 times because Subway forgot to put Mayonnaise and Mustard on his Spicy Italian Sub. Seriously is that such a big emergency to bring the police all the way down to subway, to fix a SANDWICH? Not to mention the dumbass went nuts on everyone yelling at the employees and customers, throwing chairs, until they locked the door on him when he went outside to call the Police over 3 times, and on call number 3 he was wondering what was taking the Police so long. Hey Dumbass the Police are trying to stop a Bank Robbery, your Sandwich isn't important to them. When they did show up they arrested the idiot for Misuse of 911

Then a Decade ago some crackwhore called 911 because McDonalds was out of Chicken McNuggets and they wanted to give her a McDouble but she wanted a refund and when they didn't give her one so SHE CALLED 911 over McNuggets seriously I would've jumped over the counter and beat the shit out of the employees rather than make an ass out of myself over a completely unnecessary 911 call.

A Burger King customer complained to 911 that they were out of lemonade. I mean seriously is your damn lemonade that more important than a heart attack victim or a forest fire. not to mention a 911 call over the lack of shrimp in fried rice seriously you think that's about as illegal as drug possesion? I often wonder where the intelligence of this country have gone to.

Some dumbass called 911 because he thought McDonalds robbed him of his money after the employee told him to wait for them to complete his order. This dumbass was so high on crack and was so impatient that when he did call 911, he went as far as threaten dispatchers, by cussing them out and even told them Ronald McDonald was holding a gun to his head. The police then showed up and arrested the idiot and after that he was still bitching about his food claiming to get arrested over a $10 order. No dumbass you got arrested for Misuse of 911 and unless that McDonalds was on fire, you had no reason to call that number.

It really is stupid that people use 911 for stupid and selfish reasons. Next time if you find yourself in a life and death situation and can't get help it's because some fucktard is holding up the lines because they're not satisfied with their fast food orders. It's idiots like these people who shouldn't even be allowed to have phones since they don't know how to use 911 properly.

2 months ago

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    • That shows two things that there are a lot of morons in this country!
      Also most people aren't aware that the police have non emergency numbers that you can call when you feel the police are needed but not right away!

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