Jobless in Covid Pandemic

Out of job during this corona days. Without any income I (35 yo F), almost regularly spent my days with sandwich pack for lunch in the park. I observed this old man (may be mid-60s) watching me for few days. I mastered courage to say hello to him one day. And that was a breakthrough - he invited me to his house and we had lunch together and some red wine. I told him my situation. He lives alone after the death of his wife about 10 yrs back. He planted a soft kiss on my cheek assuring me of everything will be ok soon! I was s** starved for more than a year and I could not resist to kiss him back, this time on his lips. He drew me closer and I melted in his arm, frantically kissing each other. Soon I ended up in his bed naked and f****** our minds out together. From then on we had s** thrice a week. He introduced me to some of his close friends aged 40 to 70. After about a month, he indicated that they want to have s** with me and with monetary benefits. Now I f*** them - two guys a day for $100 to $150 for a three-hour session. Two older ones have ED problem, they just enjoy my body fondling my b**** and p**** and sucking them while I m********* their limp c**** or suck them off. One of them is a great pussy eater inserting his playful two fingers into my cunt and give me my expected orgasms. The other loves his nips to be sucked lying on his back, I astride on him allowing him to massage my boobs and suck my nips, massaging my pussy while I stroke his cock to ejaculation. I have now seven regulars and am financially OK.

2 months ago

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    • Good for you. Just keep yourself safe.

    • Sad times we're in. People getting so desperate they are willing to do whatever it takes to live. Im not judging, its just a sad situation.

    • Thank you for your understanding comment. I did not have any way out and decided for this option. I don't go to bed with random guys, I am not a whore as I think I am doing a good job for lonely well to do mature men - they too need company of women for their physical satisfaction!

    • I am glad you are OK. You deserve to be happy and safe and secure. You are doing a good thing.

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