Naked walk on my street

When I was 15, late at night, I felt really daring, and had the crazy idea to sneak out of my house, and walk down my street naked.
I was already naked, and the only one awake. I opened my bedroom window and snuck out into the warm night. I walked around my house, down my yard and driveway, until I was on my street, barefoot, naked and horny. I started down the street, stroking myself for about a km. There was a moment where I had to hide from an oncoming car. Luckily, I was in front of a house with some tall grass, so I quickly hid in the grass, and the car drove by. I was horny the whole time. I then started back, taking my time, and stroking myself until I came. There were not many streetlights on the road, so there were low chances of being spotted. I soon made it back into my yard and climbed back through my window, and slept the night.

2 months ago

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    • Omg! I thought I was the only one to have done this. I used to LOVE walking around nude at night. I did this from the time I was 13 to about 17 years old. I grew up in Southern California where the evenings are mostly warm. There were however a few nights where it was cold, so i didn't stay out as long. I loved lying in the grass and stroke my cock in the warm air. One night when I was 13 years old i was hanging out next to the street and a passerby saw me. The car turned around so i hid in the trees. It drove by slowly and i stayed hidden. It ended up passing by three more times till i got the nerve to step out and let them see me. My heart was racing and my breathing was heavy. The passenger window rolled down and I could see the driver was an older black gentleman. I stood there talking to him for a few minutes, I was completely nude. He asked me to come around to the drivers side so he could have a better look at me. I did as he asked. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. He asked if he could touch me so, I said that he could . He ended up stroking my dick till I shot my load all over the side of his car and on his hand. He was stroking his own cock with his other hand and shot his load almost at the same time as i did. He licked his hand and fingers clean of my cum and thanked me for being out and so damn cute. I thanked him for doing that for me then said i had better get home before someone came in my room to check on me. He drove away, i climbed back in my window, closed it behind me, played on my bed thinking about what had just happened, then stroked my cock till I ejaculated again. I rolled over, fell to sleep, and have wonderful memories still today about that night.

    • When I was younger and I walked through the farmers fields I often had the urge to strip naked and stroke myself. It was incredible

    • I've done the same thing except I snuck out of my basement window and ran around naked. I did it because I was horny.

    • I’ve always wanted to be naked outside like that! I use to walk around the forest naked and masturbate all the time. But I live in a city where I can’t do that anymore and there’s no way I’d not get seen and probably arrested if I tried it where I live now! Happy wanking!!

    • Are you a guy or girl?

    • Yeah, where I live there are security cameras everywhere. I would end up on film for sure.

    • Sucks doesn’t it!! I mean I have no problem being on film but definitely not a security camera!!

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