Boss is a Flirt

My boss is 51-year-old former television reporter who loves to flirt with all of the men in the office. I’ve worked here a little over two years, and she’s rubbed her ass against my crotch several times, talked about her sex life and stood way too close to me too many times to count. She’s got a apple-shaped ass and 36C titties, so the attention is welcome. It’s also not much more provocative than she treats the other two guys in our department, so I never thought too much about it.
Susan, my boss, is probably 5-foot 6-inches tall and weighs maybe 150. She has a firm, athletic build and when she fixes her hair and wears a tight dress, she’s a knockout. I wanted to be with her from my first day on the job.
About a month ago, she started asking me to stay late to finish a project. Not a problem. First night, she talked about rebelling against her dad when she was in high school. He was principal, and sophomore year she started dating and fooling around with boys. Susan talked about sucking cock and boys cumming on her after she rubbed the tips of their cocks against her clit. She started fucking the football team the next year and banged six guys before graduating. My cock was rock hard as she talked about boys cumming on her panties and tits.
The next night, she talked about the breakdown of her first marriage. They were into sharing, and broke up when she began dating his friend, the guy that her husband wanted her to fuck. Be careful of getting emotionally attached when you’re fucking other people, Susan warned.
The third night we worked late, I started talking dirty to her, asking if she was looking for a new lover. We made out in her office, then I pulled up her skirt and ripped down her panties. Her thick ass and well-trimmed pussy tasted as good as they looked. When I turned her onto her back on the couch, I rubbed the head of my 7-inches on the lips of her pussy until she begged to be fucked. I was so excited, I barely lasted 10 minutes before I buried my cock deep inside her and came in big spurts. I left it inside and tongue kissed her until I was hard again.
We’ve been fucking twice a week or so in her office after hours for the past month. I man starting to fall for her, but don’t really want to leave my wife of nearly 30 years. Guess I will enjoy fucking Susan’s velvety pussy as long as I can. Got a feeling this won’t end well, but she is a fucking goddess.

3 months ago

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    • Early 50s here. I see my ex GF here and there once a year. She a doctor (PHD) now-- I was fucking outside my coverage. Any way I have 200 nudes of her from when she was 19 and 20. She could have been in Playboy. Last month at the mini market she she's extra sweet: let's do lunch-- my treat. She's only worth 10 mill -- so sure it's your treat. Small talk at first -- then the pictures. After too much wine she told her husband and he's doing flips -- he wants copies. She says I know the old joke, have any nude pictures of your wife? want to buy some? but you'd be a real prince if you made some copies and gave them to me. I want to surprise him.
      So I made some copies of the best ones and added a bonus. The local photo lab took a liking to her and made 5 posters, she never even know about. I gave her the 2 best ones. I met her the mall parking lot and she was doing cartwheels when she saw them. Driving away she stops "i owe you a blowjob."
      That's another thing her husband can thank me for. She was terrible. I took her to porn, then she sucks like a pro.

    • Very good , and as a goddess and since you are her subordinate you should worship her feet , i am sure she will appreciate it :D

    • Linda was a bossy coworker, solid big girl, big firm tits, nice ass. My wife's a 9, she's a 6 at best. Never once thought of fucking her -- she flirted a lot when she wasn't bossing me around. Well they made her boss, the big boss. She takes me to lunch disgusted as a work lunch --I'm always the only one. It's like a date. She's married but never mentions her husband other then "we went biking."
      My wife's amused. Years ago she fucked her boss (we were dating then) -- "Some things never change." I'm maxed out on performance bonuses. She rates me 4.9 out of 5. So fucking her won't get me 50 cents more. She felt my ass at a retirement party.

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