Painful ankle sprain pleasure

I have an injury fetish. It means I love seeing a broken leg or a sprained ankle, and particularly the pain!
When I was 17, a friend fell downstairs and badly sprained her ankle, I was terribly excited!
So, because we were more than just normal friends, but also kind of (unacknowledged) love, I decided to confess everything.
At first she was shocked, but she finally accepted it and told me I can have her ankle for me right now and until she have to get home and go to the ER with her parents.
We skipped classes and I took her for a long walk. Every steps was awful for her bad ankle, but she seemed to enjoy it because she knew I was so hard!
We went to a calm park with no one until a few hours, and we had sexy torture! (no penetration).
She fingered herself in tears while I was bending, twisting and squeezing her poor ankle. But also kissing and licking it (and not only her injury).
I remember how swollen and bruised it was, and how hard she tried to contain her yells when we heard her ankle popping and her ligaments moving under my fingers.
I finally got a footjob and had to help her because she couldn't move her bad leg herself. Smashing the swelling with my hard d*ck after that made me cum a second time on her small feet.

After that I had to hold her on her way home because her ankle was rolling on every steps, she had lost all her balance and she was incredibly sexy like that too!

She ended up with a cast for a couple of months because her sprain became "grade 3" thanks to me, but never thought it was something else than a pleasure!

(I know I made mistakes, and I apologie: I'm not talking in my native language)

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  • How about you switch sides I break your ankle and make you walk and twist it! Is that also you fetish or do you only like to see other people in pain!

  • I am only the sadistic. I enjoy so much other's pain, but that's it.
    My own pain isn't pleasant at all.
    That's why I was super excited with her: I was the S, and she was the M!

  • So you are full of shit! Because no body would be able to handle that kind of pain!

  • Please be respectful: as a civilized human insults are not required to express yourself.

    And, to answer: you should read better.
    Her ankle wasn't broken, only sprained. That's why she had troubles to keep her balance while trying to put weight on it.

    Maybe you would not be able to handle this pain, but it's a fact she was.

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