Caring for my sister

I got a call but over a week ago from my sister saying she was in hospital after a fall. She managed to break both wrists in the fall and has ended up with casts that hold her hands straight. She has cuts and bruises and has a boot on her ankle but getting on. The hospital said that she would need round the care because she can't use her hands and there are dressings to change. She asked if she could move in with me which was totally ok with and I have agreed time off work to look after her.
I did not realise how intimate the care would be. She can't even go to the toilet without me. Ok it's not fun for either of us, but this is the worst bit, I have caught myself looking at her. At first I tried not to, but it was hard not to see things, now, i have seen her fully naked, as she asked for help getting in the shower, and was beyond caring that I saw her. Issue is I got an erection and she could tell, she laughed and I apologised but it keeps happening.
I am single and get horny and never get alone time to jerk off, so when I see her body I get hard. I feel like a really bad man, she doesn't seem bothered. Am I bad?

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  • When my brother broke both his arms it took me all of a day before I was on top of him. How did you not take advantage?!

  • I can't stop getting the erections, my cock is up and down all day. She just laughs it off. Yesterday I had to help her on the toilet, not a poo, not enjoying wiping duties, but I also have to give her a wipe after a piss. Every time we go in the bathroom I start getting hard and when I have to wipe her pussy I get super hard.
    But yesterday I had baggy shorts on and it stuck out loads, she was actually laughing at me then started poking it, making it wobble side to side, as she said badoing or some spring noise.
    I managed a quick wank in the toilet later which helped but the situation is bad.
    Why do I get so many erections, even when doing mundane things?
    Why isn't my sister bothered?
    Maybe she is laughing it off because she needs my care, or maybe it's because it's hilarious that her little brother (yes she still calls me that) is getting so many erecions and it's ended up I am the embarrassed one not her.
    Any advice welcome

  • Nothing wrong with getting an erection, but behave yourself. You are a nice guy to be wiping her ass during this difficult time.

  • I feel like she is teasing me, she is just way too cool with it all, just today she suggested I should take my clothes off and help her in the shower, rather than trying to stay dry. Practical, but she could suggest swimming shorts, but she says naked, like she wants to see my cock, surely not, I'm her brother, this is freaking me out. Partly because I can't look away even though it's my sister grrr

  • Sounds like your sister is inviting you in the shower. You and your sister were always bound to become closer while you are looking after her, its natural. What are you worried about? My advice is do as she asks and see what happens. She has obviously developed feelings for you and wants to show you. Have you got feelings for her?

  • I don't think she has feelings for me I think she is just super cool about things, including nudity. Aslo I think growing up, because she was older she was always in charge and dominant. Now she his helpless I think she is using her body and my awkwardness to dominate the situation and maintain her control. Going along with it might call her bluff and make my life easier as I'm sure she would stop me, so I might just do that.
    Do I have feelings for her? I love her as my sister, but that's all. My issue is she is pretty and has an amazing body, always has, and if she wasn't my sister I would be all over her, hence the erections, my dick can't tell the difference.

  • Ok, i would go along with it and you may be surprised. She already know about your erections and i think thats the reason why she wants you naked in the shower. I would cast any worries aside and let nature take its course. Even if you only love her as your sister, you quite clearly fancy her. So why deny yourself some intimacy with her? Trust me, i know what i'm talking about.

  • She wanted a shower last night before bed, I took her clothes off, and put the waterproof covers over her casts etc. I then took my shirt off as usual, and my shorts this time, I was already pretty hard. She told me to just take my underwear off and get fully in and help. 'im naked you may as well be naked'. I dropped my boxers, and my cock sprung out the top and stood to attention, she giggled and said come on.
    Inthe shower, I washed her all over, but left her bum and pussy to last, a bit nervous to be honest.
    She asked me if i could shave her, she normally gets waxed but couldnt and she was getting a bit of a bush. (She got her legs lazered btw, so no need thank god) I asked her to guide me and she did and I fully shaved down there to buy the most time. I went to clean down there after her shave, told me to be careful with the soap as it can sting, just plenty of water. I did my best, but she said I needed to clean inside a bit (cue anatomy lesson from sister) I did as she asked but I felt like I was fingering her. She let out an 'oooh' and then said 'you can keep doing that, I haven't been able to touch myself in a while'. I asked if she wanted me to finger her and she asked if I would mind and explained how hard it is not to be able touch herself. She also commented that I looked like I needed it too, looking down at my erection.
    I fingered my sister whilst jerking myself off, it didn't take either of us long to cum, and I think there was a big sense of relief from both of us afterwards. I cleaned her again, including the cum i got on her leg, and wiped myself off, before grabbing us some towels.
    I am freaked out, I feel so bad. I actually fingered my sister, Is that incest? It feels like it might be.

    Neither of us expresses any interest in each other growing up, or in adulthood, so why now. It feels like a sibling secret, like when we kept things from our parents when we were young, but now we keep this from the world.

  • Hi, i thought something might happen between you two. Firstly, you've did nothing wrong and you have no reason to feel bad or freaked out. What you and your sister did was consensual. Yes it is incestuous but that doesn't mean its wrong or bad in anyway. I've have done alot more than that with my sister and we are totally ok with it. You and your sister have formed a connection with each other and if i were you i would let go of any worry or doubt and enjoy the affection between you two.

  • She asked me for a chat this morning, which worried me. She said don't worry about what happened, I think we both needed it, and no one needs to know. That put me at ease, but then she took it further and said, 'if you want, I would be ok having sex', I must have had a shocked look, as she went on, 'i think I will need something again, and it might be a fitting reward for all your help'. Still stunned silent she carried on 'you probably don't want to talk about wiping my bum, but it happened, you probably don't want to mention easing me in the shower, but it happened, and I'm pretty sure you're never going to tell anyone you fingered your sister in the shower, but it happened, so why don't we agree to never talk about any details of what happened while I stayed here? And after seeing me naked and fingering me sex isn't such a big deal, and I think we would make things simpler and we would both enjoy it'
    I was still in shock, 'You would have to wear a condom of course, no risks', she said 'What do you think'.
    I have not replied yet, I can't get my head round it, she is literally inviting me to have sex, my own sister, not sure I can?

  • I'm not surprised at all, I knew it would most lightly head in this direction. You said yourself that you find your sister attractive and she obviously finds you attractive too. I totally agree with your sister that sex would be mutually beneficial. At the end of the day no one is going to find out and it's totally between you two. Like I said before let go of any worry or doubt and enjoy this special time you have with her. Try not to over analyse it or over think it. I would reply and tell her you would love to. Trust your sister.

  • Well it happened, I'm officially a sick pervert, I fucked my sister. Doggy style if you are interested, can't believe it happened, it feels totally wired. Still struggling with what we did but at the time we really needed it

  • Hi, you are definitely NOT a sick pervert. So what you had sex with your sister, its ok! There is nothing wrong with what you and your sister have done. It is what you both needed and whats so wrong with being there for each other? Did you enjoy the sex?

  • Every man and boy gets an involuntary erection, a mans cock has a mind of its own,
    enjoy the erection its natural, your sister doesn't mind she is enjoying seeing your hard cock, see what develops.

  • You're not bad at all totally natural.

  • Agreed

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