Letting my Wife

True story:

My wife and I had been married for almost two years when we were invited to a party by a woman who was a close friend my wife. Her friend Gina and her husband Gary had just bought their first house and wanted to show it off to all their friends.

Gina asked me to take a look at their water heater because it made a funny noise, so we went into the garage to check it out. At the same time her husband offered to show my wife the rest of the house.
After checking the water heater noise it turned out to be a non problem so we went back to the problem.

The party was nothing special so we eventually returned home and went to bed. When we were in bed my wife began jerking me to get me hard and soon she was in top of me sliding me into her. I noticed she was very wet and commented on it.

“I have something to tell you but you have to promise you won't get mad, OK?”

“OK”, I said.

“When Gary was showing me the house we were in one of the bedrooms and he kissed me”.

“What?”, I was shocked.

“He kissed me and then played with my tits. There's more, I reached down his pants and played with his dick and it was huge.”

Now my anger turned to curiosity, “How big?”, I asked.

“I don't know, but it was the biggest I ever felt.”

That caused my dick to explode in her pussy. We had sex until I shot a second load into her. It was the hottest sex we've had in some time.

“You really liked his big dick, didn't you”, I asked.

“It was amazing to feel it, It would be lie if I said I wasn't curious about what it would be like to have it in me.”

“You want to try it?”, I asked.

“Are you serious?”, she asked just a little bit too eagerly.

“Why not”, I replied, “You don't get a chance to try something like that very often”.

Three weeks later she went to her weekly pottery class and when she returned she took me to the bedroom and pulled up her skirt to reveal her pussy filled with Gary's cum.
I quickly pulled out my dick and plunged it into her sloppy hole. We had the best sex of our lives.

My wife hooked up with Gary several more times but she eventually grew tired of him.

Soon after we go into the swinging lifestyle, but that's another story.

2 months ago


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    • See some action at :

    • Our friend Alan came over with his girl friend, we visited, had some drinks. My wife took him outside to see the small orchard we had put in, there are some bushes lining the area. They were gone quite awhile, I told his girl friend I was going to use the bathroom, then I slipped out the back door to see what was going on.
      My wife was on her knees behind the bushes giving Alan a blow job, something she seldom does with me. He was huge, had to be 9 inches long and fat, her cheeks were bulging.
      I slipped back inside, they both left soon after. Then I confronted my wife, she tearfully admitted it, said she had never seen one that big, that Alan had just taken it out and showed it to her, then she somehow could not help herself.
      She claimed they didn't f**k.
      I am not sure I believe her.
      We don't have them over any more.

    • Hot, please post as separate confession!

    • This kind of stuff does happen. I had a coworker that got the hots for me. I didn't think much of is as she was married and had two young kids. When her flirting got into the hitting on areas I asked her about her husband. She first blew it off with a "what he doesn't know won't hurt him' type of response.

      I let her know I wasn't fine with that. I admitted I'm no angel and have messed with taken and married women before and really messed things up enough to learn some hard lessons. I also let her know she is very attractive and my type. If her husband if fine with us knocking boots then I'm game. I have to KNOW he is fine with her stepping out though.

      We spoke no more on that for a while and for some weeks the flirtatious behaviors toned down substantially. Then one day she mentioned that her husband dropped her off at work this morning and that her husband had something to talk to me about this evening when he comes to pick her up to take her home.

      When he arrived I went out to chat. I had seen him before but never chatted. I introduced myself. He would only sneak peaks at me. He didn't look me in the eyes. After a long silence he stated that her car was in the shop. Transmission issues. It may be a while for it to get fixed. If I didn't mind, would you drive her home after work on days he drops her off? Yes. Is there anything else I should know? We are clean and... her tubes are tied.

      That was the confirmation I needed. I let him know I understood and nothing more was said. She and I knocked boots like newlyweds for the first four months but after that I became her booty call when they wanted more spice in their marriage. This situation lasted almost a decade. We are still FB friends and they are still married

    • Similar here, my friend Gordon's wife is a tall woman, well built but a but homely, still a nice woman. One day she asked me outright, I told her I couldn't do that to Gordon. She then asked me if he told me it was OK, then would I? I said sure.
      Gordon came over the next day, sort of bashfully told he couldn't quite keep up with her and I would be all right if I helped. He just wanted her happy, is how he put it.
      One thing for sure, his wife is one wild woman in bed, it's a one of two times a month thing for us. Now some guys want to watch, Gordon doesn't, he just wants her to tell him about it, then when she does, he can get it up.

    • Sloppy seconds has zero appeal to me. Yuck.

    • It's so hot when a young wife brings home a fresh creampie surprise! Your wife must have been young back then? How would you describe her looks then? You put a load into Gary's wife eventually too?

    • Sue is hot, dressed modest, when to church. Was showing an interest in her, she seemed flattered. One night at the local pub I said let's go a ride in my Corvette. It's a classic 58 convertible, hot night, top down. I park by the lake after a little necking she's giving me a blowjob. She pauses and says ~I like you, i don't get many chances because it's such a slutty act for a girl like me to be doing, but I like it. enjoy.~ Week later our gang has a party and she's dressed slutty, seems to be there with an older guy (she's 22, he's 42) -she says he's just a good client where she works. I see them go out the back door. I grab a trusted FWB "let's spy on them' It's a big back yard with plenty of bushes. FWB peers around a bush. ~your goody two shoes is naked, on her knees and giving the guy a blowjob, he's hung like a horse.~ When I look he's fucking her. A week later I am too. She fesses up, he's married and she's his mistress, he bought her a Z28, not a keeper.
      For 2 years she's a sex slave to his horse dick. She doesn't admit that buy it is what it is. Finally I tell her dump him or I dump you. She does. We're married 45 years. Don't judge, good girls get hooked on big dick.

    • What I want to know is ... why did the forum turd-burglar get asked to check the water heater. Does Gary have a water heater phobia? And why wasn't the water heater an issue when they bought the joint? They should have asked for it to be replaced as a condition to buying the house. Was this alleged house even inspected? Has the author ever bought a house, or is he still living in his parent's basement?

    • It was condensation from the tank dripping onto the burner. It made a hissing sound. It's pretty common with natural gas water heaters, but the new homebuyers didn't know that.

    • I see your 'wife' list continues to grow...

      'My wife and I had been married'
      'My wife is a choke slut'
      'my wife and I were messing around'
      'I've been married to my wife...'
      'I turned my wife into a panty [sic] theif'
      'I mentioned to my wife'
      'My wife had gone'
      'When we were younger my wife'
      'when I met my wife'
      'my wife had a history'
      'My wife and I shower together'
      'My wife usually fingers my ass'
      'Got off sharing my wife'
      'My wife is a very sexy 32 year old'

    • I'll tell you a real one. 1980 or so my buddy Bob was laid off a lot. when he worked he made big bucks. His wife had a steady job. Everyone here was in the late 20's. With so much time off he cut the lawn and took good care of his yard. Gina and Joe next door. Gina was a stay at home TV watcher. Her job was to mow their law, and it's not that big. She lets get too long and her mower is stalling out. Bob says he'll finish it and does. Gina gives a beer when he's done, and another.. They both have a few and she says I can't thank you enough, how about a blowjob? Sure Bob says, his wife hates sucking dick. Gina gets so excited she comes too. So once a week he cuts her lawn and enjoys beers and a blowjob. 2 years this goes on. BTW Gina is hot. Joe drinks too much, cops are at their house when he drinks too much. He finds Jesus in the back of a cop car one night. Gina does too. no more blowjobs for Bob.

    • ???

    • Yeah, what's with all the wives? Hardly anybody has one.

    • It makes perfect sense. A couple just signs for their first home. In hoc to their necks for 15 - 30 years, they take the first opportunity to screw their marriage.

      Honestly, an 8th grader could produce better fiction.

    • It's all true. So you can believe it or not, your choice.

    • I guess you live in a perfect world where no one takes risks, gets caught up in the moment, or makes poor decisions.

    • So your wife betrayed her friend Gina and slept with Gina's husband?

    • Yes

    • How big

    • Maybe Gina knew and was ok with it. I have a buddy who has an abnormally large cock and his ex encouraged him to have sex with other women just so she would not have to because of his size.

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