Just when you thing you're in trouble

It's late on a Saturday night and I'm just getting out of the shower and drying off. It's very warm in the bathroom and my cock is swollen and slapping against my thighs. I want to play with it, but I know you are waiting for the shower so I put on my shorts and open the door. I call out to you, "Mom, I'm done, it's all yours."

You come out of your bedroom wearing just your silk robe. I try not to look but your robe is opening and I can see a lot of cleavage. I pretend like I'm looking at the floor as you walk past me. You swat me playfully on the butt. I walk to my bedroom and listen until I hear the water turn on.

I quietly sneak down the hallway to the bathroom door. You always leave the door cracked open and I take advantage by peaking into the bathroom. We have a clear shower door and I can see every inch of her as she soaps her body up. I know what I'm doing is wrong, that it's my Mom, but I can't help it, I really need to watch you. Sometimes you masturbate in the shower and I can't help myself, I have to reach down and jerk myself too. Then when I'm ready to cum, I run off to my bedroom and finish myself off.

This time though you seem to be in a hurry and just as I'm really getting into things, you quickly wash yourself off and turn off the water. I have to run to my bedroom to keep from getting caught, I grab a book off my bookshelf like I'm reading and jump into bed. I cover up quickly and use the book to block the view of the tent under the covers. I hear you walking down the hallway. You stop at my bedroom doorway and I can feel your eyes staring at me, I'm so scared thinking that maybe you saw me this time. You softly say, "Honey?"

I'm really scared now and my voice cracks as I ask you, "What?"

"I need to talk to you, can you come into my bedroom?" you ask.

I know I'm in trouble now and I look up to see that you're gone. I throw my book down on the floor, summon up my courage and get up. I walk slowly to your bedroom wondering what you are going to do to me for spying on you. I get to your bedroom doorway and see you sitting on the bed. Your robe is completely open with your entire frontside in view, I want to look away, but I can't take my eyes off your boobs and pussy. You pat the bed next to you and ask me to sit down.

I sit down about a foot away from you, but you move right next to me, your thigh right up against my thigh. I don't want it to, but my cock starts to harden and press against the leg of my shorts. You wrap one arm around me and place the other hand on my thigh. The feeling of your hand on me causes my cock to grow even harder. "Mommy, what do you need?" I say, surprised that I just called you Mommy.

"Mommy needs that big hard cock of yours baby. I need it very, very badly. Since Daddy's away to China, Mommy hasn't had a cock inside her for over five months. Now that you're old enough, I want you to fill Mommy's hole."

When I hear this my cock starts straining hard against the waistband of my shorts. I had never felt it get so hard before not even when I was about to cum. "Umm Ok," is all that I can get out.

You yank my shorts down and off of me almost knocking me off the bed. You look at my cock with complete lust, like you've wanted it for your entire life. You start to stroking it as you look into my eyes. The more you stroke my cock the better it feels.

I close my eyes and start enjoying the stroking I'm getting when suddenly I feel something warm and wet brush against my cock head. I look down to see you slowly licking the head of my cock. You look up at me and smile, then before I know it, you open your mouth and you take my cock deep into your mouth.

You suck on the head my cock for only about two minutes then pull it out of your mouth. "There Baby, now your cock fully hard. Now you are able to fill Mommy's hole." You grab a tube of lube from your nightstand and cover my cock with it. You quickly spin around laying on the bed pushing your butt into the air and say "Put your big cock in my ass and fuck it hard."

I put the head of my cock up against your tight anus. I push against you gently and it pops in, but just the head of it though. You yell, "Fuck me, I want all of it now," and you push back hard against me taking every inch of my cock.

You cry out as I fill you. I wait before I start to slide my cock back, only to ram myself back into you. You cry out again, "Fuck me," and I start to push in and out of you faster. "Harder," you yell, so I start slamming into you.

You reach between your legs and start to rub your clit. "Oh yes, this is so wonderful! Tell me how much you want to fuck my ass baby." I say back to her, "Oh Mommy, I've always wanted to fuck your gorgeous ass ever since I first saw you in the shower." I nearly shout as I continue my thrusting.

"Yes Baby, fuck me!" you say as your orgasm starts to rip through you.

"This is definitely my biggest orgasm ever," you say as your entire body shakes and twists. You collapse on the bed, but I continue to push in and out of you until I erupt. "Oh yes, that feels so nice in my ass baby," you tell me as you turn your head to kiss me.

After we finally calm down, we both fall asleep with me still on top of you and my cock still buried inside of you.

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    • I troll the incest posters because I love incest!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
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      Incest lovers should be hung cuz I like that!
      I am a mental eunuch!!
      You can all shit in my mouth!
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      I'm a fake cake anti-incest warrior!
      I catheterize myself with
      Piano wire"

    • Go for them Mighty anti incest warrior

    • Loved the story. Write more.

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