What will my friends say

3 months after moving into my flat a single man moved in next door, me and two of my friends watched him move in and we all agreed he’s creepy.
Whenever I’m talking to my friends they will always ask about my creepy neighbour.
I know I haven’t been the most pleasant neighbour, I always pulled a face when I saw him but being honest he’s not done anything wrong.
When lockdown happened he did knock saying he was going to the shops but being me I said no thanks.
As I was leaving my flat he was leaving his, he nodded to me and I said, know anything about lights, I have no lights in my flat, have you checked the fuse board he said, if it’s like my flat it’s above your front door, he popped his head in and said there it is, opened the door and flicked the switch and I now have lights.
Thanks I said, no problem and off he went, I told my friends about this and they said how could you ask him of all people.
My friends started making fun of me saying I like Mr creepy, luckily this was all said over the phone as we couldn’t meet because of lockdown.
I’ve not said anything to my friends because Mr creepy has helped me a few times, kitchen door cupboard, shower curtain and my door not locking.
While he was fixing my lock he said he wished the hairdresser would open, I said I used to cut hair years ago, happy to give it a trim for you.
I cut his hair and he gave me a bottle of wine to say thank you, join me I said, can drink it together.
Fast forward two months we have spent most evenings together and now in a sexual relationship.
I have no idea what to say to my friends.

3 months ago

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    • Maybe tell them they are bitches and shouldn’t be so judgmental

    • He must be not creepy enough for you to have sex with! In that aspect who would care what you friends think! You friends should not give a shit and keep their comments to themselves if they are really your friends

    • Tell your friends not to judge a book by it's cover, and if they don't have anything nice to say then shut the fuck up.

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